Clapping and Crying with all the other Moms

Clapping and Crying with all the other MomsLeave a replyI always weep at endings.The end of the school year slays me every time.More than any other ending, it marks time for me. The slash on the calendar is dark blood red. This ending has been earned. Yet I don’t want it....more

No More Pencils! A Quiz for Stressed Out Moms

Not a day goes by lately when I’m not offered some type of test or quiz on Facebook. What Princess are You? What Animal are You? What Flower are you? These are a few examples of  quizzes my online friends have asked me to take this week.With the school year coming to an end in less than a month here in New York, I decided to come up with a quiz that moms really need: Just how over the school year are you?...more

June is the New December: 10 Ways to Calm End-of-School-Year Frenzy

As a parent, I've always found the end of the school year to be a mixed bag. It can be an exciting time to look forward to summer plans and the relaxation, fun and family time they portend. It can offer meaningful rituals and warm celebrations with family and friends. It can also be ridiculously busy and packed with obligations and graduations (from pre-school on up), not to mention parties and ceremonies for every classroom, team and group....more

The Benefits of Moving On

As this season winds down and sees us saying goodbye to an elementary school that has nurtured our kids since they were age five, nostalgia is whipping unchecked through the hallways. The 5th grade graduation rehearsal, I’m told, is interrupted by sniffles from both boys and girls as they prepare whichever heart-wrenching song is going to lay the parents low in a few weeks. Every “last” is commented upon: the last fieldtrip, the last project in computer lab, the last Pajacky Hair Day (that’s Pajama Day and Wacky Hair Day, combined due to Oakland budget cuts.)...more