Cort the Sport - Triathlete

I'm a circa-1967 mom of two boys, Spencer (12), and Grant (10).  After working and teaching at Virginia Tech for many years, my skills and passions have converged and brought me to the fortyninegroup as the Director of Client Marketing. I bring my mix of competitive sports experience, human factors engineering skills, and creativity to serve the needs of the our event, athlete, equipment, accessory, coaching, media, and registration clients....more

Tips for the Half-marathon...

I would by no means say that I am an expert on distance running, but I will say that I do have some insight about what works for me since I have logged over 300 miles in the last three months alone, training for the half marathon that I am doing this weekend.  Some things that I know:  1)The energy at the starting line is infectious. You will be alongside runners who can beat your best time by several minutes per mile. Do NOT try to keep up with these people.  You will wear yourself out in the first three miles....more

Why Mornings Matter: How Waking Up Early Revived My Mindset

How do you start your day? We all have different methods that fit our lives best. Some start with a bang: out of bed, out the door...hustle, hustle, hustle. Others need time, coffee, and calm to ease into the routine of another 24 hours. ...more