Nest Learning Thermostat: A One Month Review

One of the best geeky gifts I've ever received is this little programable learning thermostat called Nest. The Nest is definitely my favorite gadget gift from Christmas 2012....more
@elaineR.N. I am so impressed with this little thermostat that I bought 3 for the office. It ...more

Simple Tips on Real Energy And Water Savings for Apartment Renters And Owners

Going green is important for our environment and our planet but it's also essential for the future of our children and next generations....more

Countdown to Christmas 61 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 61 Days and Counting Energy Savings These heating tools can make a big difference in your heating costs. Water heater insulation –Thermwell water heater blanket- $13.00, Blanket can save up to 9% on water heating costs. If you already have a water heater blanket you should check the condition and replace it if needed they usually last up to 2 years. An Electric blanket- Can save between 1-2% off your monthly heating bill, and let’s face it even if you just want to warm your bed before going to bed it’s always feels cozy....more

Lighting up the holidays? Try LEDs.

Brighten up your holidays with LEDs, “light emitting diodes” that are just as cheerful as mini-incandescents but 80% - 90% more energy-efficient....more

Small Business Tip: Entrepreneurs Lead the Way in Green IT

The second annual Green IT trend survey by CDW Corporation is out and entrepreneurs are not letting the current economic downturn stall green IT initiatives.  In fact, researchers found small businesses are the most likely to invest in Green IT in the...more