Winter Engergy Bites- Snow Balls!


Energy Oatmeal Clusters

These are great for breakfast. Just pick some up and take them with you! They’re healthy and so easy to make. ...more

How Do You Want to Feel? Vacation Edition.

Do you go on vacation to escape the pressures of everyday living? Do you go on vacation to be restored in any manner? Do you go on vacation to re-connect with parts of yourself that take second position more often than not? What if you went on vacation to experience the energy of the place as much or more than the visuals of the place?...more

Women can lead the transition to a cleaner, sustainable environment

Photo courtesy of Rajendra Pachauri, Ph.D Dr. Pachauri is the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the leading body for the assessment of climate change, and is the CEO of the New Delhi-based TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), an organization that researches and develops solutions to climate change issues. ...more

Clear the energy and make way for the Year of the Horse

Since last week I have been feeling achey and tired. Initially, I put this down to my new exercise regime taking its toll on my body. However, a few people I spoke to over the weekend, including those in other parts of the globe reported having the same feeling. For me, this was confirmation  that something was happening energetically. As we approach the New (super) Moon in Aquarius and, more poignantly, the Year of the Wood Horse there is a definite shift in energy. In order to prepare us for this our body and energy field are going through one final clear out....more

Home Energy Audit: Incentives and Insulation

Spring is almost here, and you may be ready to open your windows, turn off your heater, and forget winter. But before you do, consider calling an energy auditor to find out about rebates and incentives for improvements to your home's energy efficiency. That was my first step in my latest project,  which is the focus of a series of posts at home(re)made. ...more

The Inner Path: Your Thoughts Build Your Life

"It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It's what you think about it.”― Dale Carnegie What a reminder! We are what we are because of our thoughts; we are our thoughts, in a way. Our thoughts are like energy waves, we can’t see them, but they’re there. Energy is around us, stay around us....more

NaBloPoMo: Does Navel Gazing Generate Energy?

Today’s topic is self-generated after reading a little online dialogue about the impact/value/merit of the NaBloPoMo exercise.The question seems to be – does a writing exercise that may generate somewhat banal content have merit – does the content generated count for anything beyond the original experiential benefit of creating it?...more

Is Energy from Natural Gas Cleaner than from Coal?

Is it good news? The US is transitioning, albeit slowly, from dirty coal-burning power plants to electricity generators run on natural gas. Natural gas contains no toxic mercury, and does not generate coal ash and other nasty waste products. The waste product from burning natural gas is carbon dioxide and water.Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but the nice thing about natural gas is that it generates electricity with a much smaller carbon footprint than coal.Or does it? ...more

Energize to Shania Twain

Shania Twain’s “Honey I’m Home” is one song that never fails to get me singing along at the top of my lungs and dancing all around! The upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics have always appealed to me. My daughter and I wore out the CD we had with this song on it. We played it so often!Shania just seemed to capture the feelings of every hard working woman in her lyrics. It’s no wonder on those days when I felt like I’d worked a 40 hour week in an 8 hour day, that I wanted to shout these lines from the rooftop:...more