8 Ways to stay cool without an air conditioner

As I start writing this post, it's 5 pm in Los Angeles -- and 91 degrees! The sudden heat wave's got people freaking out -- especially those of us who either don't have air conditioners, or don't want to use one for environmental reasons. ...more

Glad they were helpful -- Hope you're liking yr new neighborhood :)


Spam Is Not Just Annoying- Turns Out it is Bad for the Planet Too!

We all know how much time it takes to weed spam out of our inboxes, but now it turns out that what was once seen as just an annoying waste of time, in fact has a much bigger impact on the planet!  ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series: Howard Waldman - Green Dean for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Howard Waldman - Green Dean for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series: Stefani Newman, eco-writer and Founder of teensygreen

April 10th, 2009 Stefani Newman, eco-writer and Founder of teensygreen ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series - Tim Leffel, Travel Writer

April 4th, 2009   ...more

Surprising changes I’ve noticed as I raise my energy vibration

I wrote a piece recently about raising your ‘energy vibration’. As I personally get further down the track of doing this myself I have noticed three changes that have taken place very naturally – but they still managed to surprise me. ...more

How To Ween Yourself Off Coffee

The jury is still out on coffee. Is it packed full of superhuman antioxidants? Check. Does it make you more alert? Check. Is it a society based ritual? Check. For most people that’s enough information. They are happy downing six Venti lattes throughout the workday. While science continues to chase it’s tail about whether their are significant health risks to drinking coffee, the vast majority of peeps drink on average 3 cups of the bean a day. All in moderation right? I was a typical sheep until I started paying true attention to how I felt ...more

Don't Worry

I am not a fan of worrying.  Worrying is negative visualization.  It is picturing all the bads things that can happen but haven't.  It is a passive behavior that can lead to anxiety and stress.  I am a fan of visualization.  It is about picturing good things in detail that can happen but haven't.  It is an active behavior that can lead to new ideas, solutions and calm.    Consider practicing positive visualization 2 times a day and see what happens.   ...more

Calibrate Your Concerns and Influence

Circle of concern - what you are worried about. When you increase your circle of concern you give more of your energy to not being present now.  Instead you use your energy to imagine bad things happening. You increase your own anxiety and angst. You upset yourself. Circle of influence - what you can control, your own behavior. ...more

When soul leaves body.

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from my mother. She and my stepfather were down at the hospital with my Step Grandfather. The doctors had removed his oxygen and had given Joe another hour or so to live. I asked if it would be ok for me to come down and sit with them until he passed, my Mom thought that would be nice. I let my husband know what was happening and made my way over to the hospital. ...more

What a beautiful opportunity for you, for him. It really is a mitzvah (good deed) to have ...more