Come Sit At My Kitchen Table Part I: John McCain Edition

Sorry about those kid drawings, here, I'll move them out of the way. I've invited you here because I want to talk, really talk, about how we are going to manage the next four years.  With Wall Street plunging while we sit here, I think we can all agree that the situation is really very serious.  So I hope we can get down to business and concentrate on the really important issues. #1  The Economy.  Some of you tell me that Senator McCain has the right plan for our economy.  I am trying to understand that plan, so that I can make an educated decision this November.   John McCain's Economic Plan ...more

Obama or McCain? Who Offers Real Change? And What Kind of Change?

The Future: WHO Offers Real Hope?Real Change?     Our votes must go to the leader who can not only promise but DELIVER change. We must demand, however, a definition- - -or at least a specification- - -of the "Change" sought. Empty-headed repetition of the word "change!" is just not productive. ...more

Socrates - If you want to see the "specifics" of Obama's plans on all the major issues ...more

Wishlist: Green Tax Break

             So in a few months the “green” tax breaks for wind and solar energy companies are set to expire. Come 2009, and they will be left high-and-dry, unless congress stops the ridiculous partisan crap and renews them. I think it’s hilarious that all these politicians claim to want to make America energy-indepenedent and green, and yet they won’t come together to solve what these companies need the most. ...more

Palin likes Obama's Energy Plan

Here's substance on Sarah Palin's position on energy.  This is a press archive from her office. She likes what Barack Obama has to say. Here's the link: Here's the text:   ...more

Drill, baby, drill? No, baby, no!

So yesterday, my heart sank while watching GOP delegates hold up signs and chanting the mantra “Drill, baby, drill!” any time a speaker mentioned “energy independence.” Sarah Palin argued that the drilling solution is only a bridge until we build alternative solutions, acknowledging that the US will never have enough oil to sustain itself forever. ...more

Dangers of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs!

I had this on my myspace page for awhile and decided I should share it with more people! This is a post about the energy efficient light bulbs and why they are dangerous! This is a must read if you use these type of bulbs!   http://mysouthernhippiemarriedmomoffourlife. ...more

The Stakes in Georgia Are Sky High!

Stakes in Georgia Pierce the Sky. PublicFriday, 15 August 2008 ...more

Are we there yet?

Summertime. If you haven't already taken your summer vacation, now's the time. Before school starts again. Before the days get too short to linger in the dusk. Before you've enjoyed a change of pace. But can you afford it this year? Are we there yet? ...more

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Renewable, alternative energy has never stimulated ...more

Greening The Office

There are a number of ways to cut back on waste at the office. Here are a few ideas: Save Energy and Water • Use the stairs instead of the elevator for short trips to save electricity • Turn off lights and computer equipment at the end of the day to save energy • Turn off taps completely to avoid wasting water from dripping taps Save Paper (saving paper saves energy too) ...more