Don't Worry

I am not a fan of worrying.  Worrying is negative visualization.  It is picturing all the bads things that can happen but haven't.  It is a passive behavior that can lead to anxiety and stress.  I am a fan of visualization.  It is about picturing good things in detail that can happen but haven't.  It is an active behavior that can lead to new ideas, solutions and calm.    Consider practicing positive visualization 2 times a day and see what happens.   ...more

Calibrate Your Concerns and Influence

Circle of concern - what you are worried about. When you increase your circle of concern you give more of your energy to not being present now.  Instead you use your energy to imagine bad things happening. You increase your own anxiety and angst. You upset yourself. Circle of influence - what you can control, your own behavior. ...more

When soul leaves body.

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from my mother. She and my stepfather were down at the hospital with my Step Grandfather. The doctors had removed his oxygen and had given Joe another hour or so to live. I asked if it would be ok for me to come down and sit with them until he passed, my Mom thought that would be nice. I let my husband know what was happening and made my way over to the hospital. ...more

What a beautiful opportunity for you, for him. It really is a mitzvah (good deed) to have ...more

If you don’t exercise you are crazy!

From a young age I’ve been addicted to exercise (in a great way) I remember reading about age eleven about a thing called a ‘runners high’. I thought ‘I’ve got to get me one of those’! I was intrigued by the body’s ability to create an amazing high so naturally. I finally got a runners high (you have to get through the building fitness stage first) about age 14. On the weekend me and my sister would run through the forest near our house and run along the beach. Sometimes we’d be gone for two hours! ...more

Harnessing the Wind is Creating Jobs

The U.S. House of Representatives is going to vote on the new economic stimulus package soon, probably later this week.   ...more

Our Energetic Vibrations and Choosing Conscious Awareness

Being conscious is something we feel we are when we are going through our day. If we are not conscious, then we must be sleeping, or rather unconscious. While it may appear as if we are awake, when we are going through the routines of getting ready for the day, driving to and fro, and doing whatever it is that we need or have to do that day, I can guarantee you that you are not consciously aware of everything which is taking place. How often have you walked around your house, opened a cabinet and then forgotten why you were opening the cabinet in the first place? ...more

Green Obama

As President Bush announced yet another bail-out, this time for American automakers, it's hard to remember that there are other important problems that will need some serious attention when the administration takes over in January. ...more

Any kind of plan to save the planet is better than no plan at all. 

The Moxie Report. ...more

Five Ways Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Green Tea... 1. Boosts Metabolism which helps burn more calories throughout the day ! 2. Reduces Your Appetite so you eat LESS throughout the day. 3. Regulates Blood Sugar otherwise known as glucose which leads to decreased fat storage in the body. 4. Is Low in Calories so by replacing a cup of green tea for your regular coffee reduces the amount of calories you are consuming for the same energy jolt! 5. Gives You Energy to rev up your day and energize your workout! ...more

Vision vs. Retrospect--The Second Presidential Debate

I did not watch the debate live. I intended to catch CNN's replay at 5:00pm (+8 GMT) but it got preempted for not exactly breaking news. So there I was at midnight, brain starting to shut down, watching the debate. I can't claim to have caught everything, but there were some things that left a definite impression. And the longest lasting impression? Tones of voice. ...more

The Power Behind Hope: The Obama/Biden Energy Plan

When it came to light that I would need to write about energy this week, the idea appealed to me about as much as going forward with the presidential debate tomorrow night seems to appeal to John McCain. But one thing I love about blogging, and BlogHer, is that I expose myself to and others expose me to notions and topics out of my comfort zone.  ...more

Yes - all of BlogHer is non-partisan.  And I promise you, there are many conservatives ...more