Full Body Art-Making


Self-Proclaimed Caffeine Addict

As a self proclaimed caffine addict (all my friends and co-workers know I always have coffee in one hand, and an energy drink in the other) who lives, breathes and acts socially, you would think that I would be all for Starbuck’s mobile payment option (I know a few bars have already implemented this), but I’m not so into it. Well, for now anyways....more

Changing our Perception

Learn to love your local Lightworker!

You may or may not yet have noticed, but there is a large group of people on this planet who have for a long time been considered somewhat ‘out there’.  I’m referring to a group of folk sometimes referred to as Lightworkers, Energy Workers, perhaps there are some Medical Intuitives in the mix, Body Workers, some NLP™ practitioners, some reflexologists, and some yoga, tai chi, Nia technique practitioners, Psychic/Intuitive practitioners, modern Shamanistic Practitioners, some Zero Balancing practitioners, some Acupuncturists…the list goes o...more

Dreams Taking Hold

All or nothing. It wouldn't be wise to tell you to quit a job you hate and start doing what you love.  How would the bills get paid?...more

Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style....more

The Bulb Ban Cometh: Do CFL Bulbs Still Make You Cringe?

Have you stuck to your incandescent bulbs because the energy-efficient CFL lights make everything in the room look -- well, ghoulish? Then I have bad news for you: Come 2014, your favorite old bulb will likely no longer be on the market. ...more

Good to hear you got a 3-way CFL bulb! Would you mind sharing what brand bulb you got, since a ...more

Yoga Hope

I've decided I'm ready to get my body and health back in shape. I'm regular on my meds and hormones and I have the energy and drive now to do this. I've wanted to for years but just couldn't get to it. I know that it is benefitial (sp) all around but I'm hoping for more than just body fitness. I am hoping this will improve my mind and spirit. Maybe help me get closer to living a life without meds. If that is possible, I know I can be so much happier. I hate depending on a pill (or many) to feel 'normal'. Timing it is a b***ch and if I miss one I pay for it for at least 2 days....more

Obama Ends Moratorium on Off-Shore Drilling, Atlantic Seaboard Most Affected

  Today, President Obama announced that new portions of the United States will be open for off-shore drilling: ...more

Each comment does have a reply, if you are logged in when you're reading the comment. If you ...more

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (WV): Proposed Bill Would Rein in EPA on Regulating Greenhouse Gases

Although everyone is buzzing about health are right now, other things ARE happening. When you take it local, Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito (WV) is worried about the economy of her state in regards to the regulation of greenhouse gases. The EPA wants to regulate under the Clean Air Act through cap and trade legislation that was ultimately halted earlier this year....more