You're Not Getting Married, So Why The Wedding Pinterest Board?

I'm the first to admit that Pinterest is one of my go-tos when I just need to zone out with hair tips, oatmeal recipes, and DIY art ideas. While initially hesitant to use it, I now think of Pinterest as a place to find inspiration and tricks for making life easier and more organized. It allows users to indulge fantasies too, which is what brings me here today.Ladies, please stop posting wedding stuff on Pinterest. ...more
claresmilliken I know, right?! Me too! But honestly, my tweet was in jest. I'm partnered and our ...more

What To Do When Wedding Planning Hits A Snag

We've been engaged for almost a year (April). I keep seeing the advertising for the Wonderful Wedding Show here in Winnipeg on January 18th and 19th , wondering if I should attend or not.  I should be over the moon with wedding planning, reviewing bridal magazines, thinking about photographers, and attending the wedding show, right?Nope....more

Not your traditional bridal stuff

Yes, I am a fiancee, a bride to be. The thing is, I hate weddings. I like the idea of being married, but the hub-bub necessary to get to that point freaks me out....more


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Backing Out

This will be a rather personal post; I’m not very good with those. However, I felt the need to share a lesson I’ve learned over the past year. That lesson is this: when one makes a decision, however prematurely, one must never go back on it. You’re just stuck. Even in a world that offers endless possibilities and opens countless doors, we are expected to stay within the confines of what society wants us to do. Or at least, these are the ideas my surroundings have pushed on me for the last few months....more

"Will you marry my son?"

This is how I found out that E was going to propose to me. I kid you not.When my friends ask for ‘the proposal story’, I hesitate. I wonder whether they’d rather hear the romantic version (which happened the next day, incidentally, involving a lovely walk, sunset on the Bosphorous and a ring) or the real version. I’ll let you decide which you prefer.—...more

Something Blogged: Choosing Your Bridesmaids

The moment I got engaged, I immediately started thinking about my bridal party. It scared me and excited me at the same time. I wanted to make good choices. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have a ton of absolutely amazing friends that mean the world to me, but I couldn't pick all of them. I definitely had in mind the qualities I wanted my bridesmaids to have and this helped make a few girls stand out in my mind.  ...more

Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

After getting engaged, I immediately began to think about the women I would pick to stand up next to me on my wedding day.  While about 20 women came to my mind, I knew a bridal party that big would be ridiculous to manage!  I decided to narrow my 20 down to 5 with the following criteria: The Family ...more

Will You Marry Me? Check yes (not no).

So, while you guys were frantically clicking on the blog each day to see which archives I’d post, I was frantically not remembering that I was a blogger at ALL last week because I was too busy being all engaged to marry CB.What?!?!Ohmygod I know you guys, I’ll tell you everything....more

My Favorite Ornament

Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree? Is is the one your child made when they were in kindergarten? Maybe a handprint? Or an angel made out of a coffee filter?I have a favorite. It's one with a story befitting this season of giving. It's a little blue church....more
Such a beautiful holiday proposal! Wishing you and yours the best over the holiday season! Merry ...more