1.01 carat asscher cut diamond three stone ring.

I have a crush. A big one. ...more

Upcycling the Family Jewels

I've never been a lady who's excited by diamonds and have only recently looked forward to wearing a wedding ring. That's just because I want to save the lone men trolling the aisles of Barnes & Noble for nerdy women the trouble of a pointless conversation. I assume they look for a wedding ring, I'm not sure that's true....more

Would you buy an engagement ring for your future husband?

A recent news article got me talking about engagement rings for men... Would you buy one? I did! Check it out!http://modernmommymagic.blogspot.com/2011/11/engagement-rings-for-men.html Ashleywww.modernmommymagic.blogspot.com...more

How to Compare Diamonds Online!

I Hate Robbins Bros

First, the commercials. These obnoxious radio spots where the two brothers with annoying, whiny voices are talking about romance like they think for a second that it matters. They are guys. They obviously know how to make money, and that is likely their priority. And then occasionally their "wives" do a spot that basically makes them out to be idiots. I know they're just trying to make the best of the family business, but still. ...more