Fall In Love with "Engagements" book. A Diamond is Forever.

The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan...more

Resizing My Rings

 I am nearly impossible to surprise, yet for my engagement nearly 22 (gulp) years ago, my husband Bob managed to pull it off. Tempted by the inexpensive hotel rates that lure Philadelphians to Atlantic City, NJ each winter, Bob and I decided to invest in an unexpected weekend getaway. "Are you going to propose to me in Atlantic City," I probed during the two hour drive to the shore. "Lisa I already told you," he growled.  "You are impossible to surprise, We are getting engaged on Valentine's Day!"...more

One Sentence Challenge: How Did You Get Engaged?

So last week I stumbled onto something fun when I asked my Facebook followers to tell me in just one sentence the story of how they got engaged.I love the wide range of responses to the question. Especially because some were super sweet and others were just randomly hilarious.Here are some* of my favorites:Michelle – Husband picked me up for a Valentine’s date and handed me the ring in the car… in front of my college apartment.Kimberly – He came to my classroom with a sarcophagus....more
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Having One Of MANY "Mini" Wedding Planning Break-Downs!

The day after Christmas, I felt the pressure of the wedding planning creeping back upon me. With the exception of one shower during the week of Christmas, I had pretty much put my "Wedding To-Do List" out of my head during the weeks preceding the holiday. However, when all of the presents had been unwrapped and the goodies eaten, there it was...just sitting there waiting for my attention. I needed to feel like I had accomplished SOMETHING, so I googled a web-site my sister-in-law told me about. It was called "Smart Wedding"....more

When You See Tears...You KNOW It's "THE DRESS"

On Friday morning, Robby and I jumped in the car...stopped off in Natchitoches and picked up Sarah and Parker Ann.  We then headed to Marshall to pick Caitlin up from school.  We were going to Dallas for the weekend to meet with our wedding coordinator AND hopefully find a wedding dress.<br /><br />Although we had decided on a few things for the wedding, I felt that we needed to get MORE done.  I just wake up every day thinking of all the things we have to do for this wedding...yes, just "thinking" about it at this point and I finally decided we needed to get into...more

Attempting To GET ORGANIZED To "GET" ORGANIZED For This Wedding!!!

Getting "organized" is truly NOT my strong suit.  My mind (and body) flits from one thing to the next.  I tout myself as being able to "multi-task" well. Dr. David (my middle son...) has informed me that the correct term for that is, "ADD".  I do NOT have ADD...what does HE know?!  He might be "almost  a doctor, but I am STILL the mother.  However, I have been told by our wedding planner that I NEED to get one of those wedding planning books and begin to get organized (ugh...) ...more

A TOTALLY Unplanned Wedding Adventure...

After that bike ride across town, I returned  home to get me a shower and head out for a day of looking for receptions sites.  Robby would be joining Caitlin, Tabitha (the maid of honor) and me for this little adventure.  But first I needed something to eat.  HEY!  After a 30 mile bike ride (and escaping death more than once...) I deserved a little comfort.  I announced that we would be eating Mexican that day.  And off we set for what was to be a relaxing first day of wedding planning. ...more

Bride Wars/Love

I watched the movie Bride wars today. I thought it was a really cute movie about brides and how they can turn into bridezillas. I also thought it was a great movie about friendship which is what the movie was really all about. I admit I would love to have a friendship like that where I have this one best friend who I can always count on and who can always count on me. I have not found that yet and sometimes I wonder if I ever will. I do get lonely at times and long for some or at least one girlfriend. I have my online friends and my blogging friends ...more