The Disneyland Mom

I'm not ready to let go of summer.I will not succumb to the flyers, tv ads, emails, and blog posts about back to school shopping.  I'm not ready....more

Sending My Son to Sleep Away Camp and Other Lessons of Parenting

A lot of hullabaloo has been made of helicopter parents and their children off attending sleep-away camp. Contraband cell phones, specially trained staff, and, God forbid, allowed e-mail communication, all in an effort to proffer parental peace of mind, have been criticized as the decline of civilization as we know it. ...more

I recently wrote a post called making time for children: all of me, part of me, none of me. ...more

In the Zone

 I am a Seinfeld fan.  Or perhaps I should say I was I fan, given that the television series exists only in syndication at this point in time.  No...I prefer am a fan.  For me, the show is not dead.  And, yes, I'm that kind of fan...the kind that will spout quotes from favorite episodes whenever the spirit moves me.  And there is a particular quote that has been running through my little brain since the conclusion of the cherubs' school year, which was four days ago.  Allow me t...more

How to Sneak in a Workout into your everyday life

Summer is coming to an end but I've been very active and I wanted to share with you my commitment to getting fit by simply “sneaking” in a workout into my everyday life.  I’ve decided to pretend I live in New York City and I walk everywhere I go.  To solidify my commitment… I recently sold my car.  I live in right in the heart of Washington, DC so I don’t really need a car.  Between sky rocketing gas prices, the cost of my garage and car insurance going up I decided that for the first time since I was 17 years old I would no longer have a car. ...more

Glad to see you "sneaking in" some more steps.  Since you have a pedometer I'm sure ...more