DOING WHAT YOU LOVE…..SANDCASTLES….An ultimate lifestyle of fun is generally built one layer at a time like a Sandcastle….We design our lives almost in segments or layers…Every area of our lives should be spent doing what we love…From our personal time to our relationships to our jobs….Simply every area of our lives should be lived happy and what we do routinely should be fun…...more

Wishful eating

This is my second day for the May  NaBloPoMo Today’s prompt is:  How do you wish you ate if different from your day-to-day realty  ...more

The Way It Is

A few months ago we went to a fundraiser for a local organization called Art in the Public Eye.Sean and I walked around scanning the silent auction items before bidding on a few different things, one of which was a family fun pack for three hours at a Lake George Arcade. I think somehow the idea of bidding on (and winning) a kid-friendly item tempered the guilt of another late night out without them. The certificate has been on the side of the fridge ever since....more

How to enjoy your pregnancy

To enjoy your pregnancy you’ve got to trust yourself.You make your choices as best you can at any given moment with the data you have. And, note that there are different kinds of data. One kind of “data” is the information you can get from books, magazines, and websites; it’s what you know is possible from what you’ve read and heard from others; it’s statistics, reports, and other types of researchable facts....more

Yes, You Should Seize This Day

I think there's been a trend, exacerbated by the internet, of "Keeping it real." No, parenting isn't all roses and choruses of angels. Changing diapers is never fun. Sleep deprivation is rarely fun. Trying to find childcare when your kid has the sniffles and you and your husband both have "can't-miss" meetings at work? Not fun. But this constant complaining I see about how HARD parenting is doesn't provide the real picture either. I say this: If you aren't having any fun, you're doing it wrong. ...more
@IssaWaters And so many see helpful info as judgement. I'm not judging; I just want your life to ...more

A Slow Day

It's a slow day around the empty nest.  The heat index is supposed to hit 106 and just the thought already exhausts me!  The dogs are sound asleep and I wish I could join them!!As I sit here looking around my office/sewing room/library/guest room/craft room, I see a lot I need to get done but today I completely lack the motivation!!  How do you motivate yourself?  And yes, I have a small house, so one room really does serve all those purposes!!...more

Faking Orgasm: Sex Is About the Journey as Much as the Destination

A lot of women fake orgasms. This is a concern for men, but hounding someone about whether or not they're orgasming is not going to help them get there any faster. Also, the emphasis placed on climax has the disastrous effect of focusing people solely on the destination, which leads them to forget that a big part of sex is the journey. ...more

Family and Career Travel

When I first started travelling for my job it was so exciting. I found this excellent place to work in the heart of the "Silicorn Valley" (ie: Iowa) at a technology/software company. It was like a diamond in the rough. A salary unmatched in our area, the opportunity to work with the Fortune 500 and really dive into Corporate America without the hustle and bustle of the city (though I do miss my city!).Then I had children. I remember my first trip after my son Isaiah was born. As excited as I was to actually sleep through the night, how was I going to leave my baby?...more

What I Like About Retirement

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day. It started out cool ( 40) but is supposed to be 85 today. It has been beautiful all week. As I looked out my window I started thinking about how much I am enjoying my life. I retired last June 1. We moved and had to add on to the little place that we bought. We now have about 900 sq. ft. for the three of us and our two dogs. and our newly adopted by kitty. ...more

I love comments.  Always read them.  I also try to comment on most blogs I read.  Please leave ...more


"Life knows no limitations in expressing itself beautifully." ...more