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Munchies for the big game

Our local football team the Baltimore Ravens are playing in the playoffs this weekend! To celebrate I am sharing a few of our favorite game day munchies. ...more

Serve it Forth {Have Silver, Will Travel}

Have Silver, Will Travel ...more

Five easy ways to keep Thanksgiving frugal

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and dare I say that only in America could a day meant to celebrate bounty and thankfulness much more commonly devolve into stress and overspending. True, it may be the norm, but it doesn't have to be -- why not try a few simple modifications this year to stay on budget? You'll be glad you did, and chances are you'll enjoy the holiday a lot more, too. ...more

I use the roasting method to make veggie broth for my daughter, too, and it's SO much better ...more

Announcing Two BlogHer Holiday Meet-Ups! Join us in SF or NYC on December 3, 2009

The holidays are upon us. No, really, they are. Halloween just ended, and that means it's time to talk holiday fun! BlogHer will kick off the month of December with a meet-up on each coast near each BlogHer office. This year, we'll also do a food drive at each meet-up, so we can help spread the cheer....more

We'll be doing pre-conference meet-ups again for sure!


Elisa Camahort Page ...more

Tribute to Sheila Lukins, Founder of The Silver Palate

I was traveling this past Monday so missed the news of the passing of Sheila Lukins on August 30, 2009 at age 66 of brain cancer. My husband Marc said,"you should write something about Sheila since the Silver Palate was such a part of our lives together in the late 70's and early 80's in New York." I looked at him intently and thought how right he was. We 'grew up' with Sheila and her partner Julee's The Silver Palate when we moved in together in Manhattan in 1980. ...more

Wise Cooking Tip: Coping with Kitchen Burns

When you've got 4 burners going, a roast and a gratin in the oven, and guests in your living room, what do you do when you've just reached for one of your pans and ended up burning yourself? It's not a riddle, it's a real home kitchen dilemma. ...more

Dinner Party for Eight...for $50!

Dinner Party for Eight....for $50! ...more

Intuitive cooking from the farmers market

  Intuitive Cooking From the Farmer’s Market Posted by Michele Rosenthal April 2, 2009 ...more

Planning an Irish Fest

Planning an Irish Fest at Home Posted by Michele Rosenthal March 16, 2009 ...more