Who Needs Strippers?? 3 Great Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

A Bachelorette Party is a fun and fabulous way to celebrate a bride's last days as a 'single' gal. Contrary to popular belief, a Bachelorette Party doesn't have to be a wild night that is mostly filled with excessive alcohol consumption and total debauchery. A Bachelorette Party can be a classy and tasteful event (making it ideal for snapping lots of photos), while still being an event at which party guests can have fun and celebrate the bride's upcoming special day....more
My last bachelorette party a group of ladies went and camped on Carpinteria State Beach. ...more

Mixed Nuts with Rosemary

This past weekend I helped host a bridal shower for one of my good friends. One of my contributions to the party was some mixed nuts to add to the food spread. Instead of bringing plain old ordinary peanuts I found this recipe on the food network website that would add a bit more flavor.These peanuts are perfect to have around when entertaining or would even make a nice gift for a neighbor or friend....more

All In The Details: Top 8 Hosting Ideas Sure to Impress

Ever find that you are wondering how to put in that one special touch here and there that will set your event apart from others that you've hosted? It all really comes down to the details! You don't have to rent a horse to escort your guests into your party (a la Bridesmaids), just try one or a couple of these special touches....more
@valerija I agree! @MissHostess has great ideas.more