Wonderful Wu Man performance

Taken from www.pri.orgWhen she plays the pipa—a Chinese musical string instrument belonging to the same family of plucked instruments like the guitar, banjo, ukelele and harp—Chinese musical artist Wu Man said she sees the landscape of China right before her eyes....more

Beats, Rhymes, and Unrealistic Reality

As my daily research and reading occurred, I ran into a lovely article entitled, Why Do Black Men Glamorize Rap Music? I remember having plenty of conversations with my beau on his choice of being a rapper and the choice that many make on becoming a rapper. I remembered he stated that being from an impoverished area that your only choice of careers are being a rapper, ball player, drug dealer and that’s it. Now I can see his point of view on the limited of role models and career choices that are available....more

Fil-Am Althea stars in Broadway play 'Oliver Twist'

Congratulations are in order to Althea Neri, who will play Nancy in the Broadway play “Oliver Twist” to be staged at the Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre at The Pershing Square Signature Center (480 W 42nd St.) in New York....more

Why I Have a Like/Dislike Relationship with Social Media

I have a like/dislike relationship with social media, it's true.  I frequent a few different social media sites mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I communicate frequently via email with friends, family, my children's teachers, and various other types of contacts.  But like everything, it has its pros and cons, its good and bad points, its risks and benefits.  ...more

#ENMNCon14 Day 2 recap

 As the sun peeked over the horizon, it brought us to the start of another day. This will also be one of the longest days because it was filled with, sessions, a travel expo, and a screening of Moms Nite Out. You can read more over at Margs World.com http://bit.ly/1glKLruMargaret, Margs World...more

We wish you a Merry Whatever Doesn't Offend You!

When I was a kid, you couldn't walk out of a store without at least three people stopping to wish you a Merry Christmas... "Merry Christmas!" they'd cheer with their retail Perma-grin, while flipping you the bird from underneath the counter), "And have a Happy New Year!" *Ting* *Tooth glimmer* It wasn't even a request, it was a flat-out demand to enjoy your holiday, and enjoy it–you did!...more

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hi friends...more

Verses and Flow: Season 3 - Recap Episode 2

I am still on a high from last night's Verses and Flow performances...please tell me you completely understand the lyrical journey Carlos Andres Gomez took you on last night? You don't remember getting up on Saturday mornings (those of us in the late 30's to mid-40 range) with a bowl of Captain Crunch watching your favorite cartoon thinking in your mind, damn this is the life!!!...more

Men’s chiffon and printed shirts trend is an indispensable element for summer 2013

When you’ve seen as many runway shows and presentations for the summer trends 2013 collections has, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by the deluge of style. That’s why how unique the designer or creative the collection, there were clear and common themes that emerged for the season. V-neck shirts are the new and latest trends for summer 2013....more

My love for ‘Tango’…

I always feel intrigued by Tango’s movement and its music. Somehow the music sounds so defying. The female’s facial expression is so supercilious. The whole dance is so elegant! –And I started to fall in love… My love for Tango wasn’t quite there until recently when I and hubby started ... http://journeyofmylifendestiny.blogspot.com/2012/05/my-love-for-tango.html...more
 @HomeRearedChef Of course! And looking forward for something *hot* from @victorias_view :-)more