American Idol Revamp Leaves Judges' Panel Up for Grabs

We know that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will not be returning for the upcoming season of American Idol, and even Randy Jackson's status remains up in the air. Speculation has run rampant regarding possible replacements for the latest displaced batch of judges....more
Love Mariah, happy to see what she brings to the table...JLo was clearly the most constructive ...more

Sundance Explores The Last Mountain

PARK CITY, UTAH -- Sundance to the film industry is like the NCAA championship in collegiate basketball: the best of the best in what is designed to be a purist format. It's about the film makers and directors and actors, the writing and the plots, not unlike the two best amateur teams in the world playing on a neutral court, for all the marbles. It's an ultimate experience for movie buffs. The vibe is so low key that you truly don't notice the famous Hollywood types since everyone wears jeans and a sweater. No paparazzi, no limos, no swanky parties with designer duds....more

Oprah's Interview With Nadya Suleman

After watching the Oprah interview with Nadya Suleman today, I came away with thoughts about this 34 year old mother of 14 children, where before, I didn't actually have any. You see, I never actually took to the whole "Octomom" phenomnea that the media/talk shows & mainstream America had come to define this person by....more

I'm Clara. I'm a woman writer/woman in transition. interseted in women issues, politics, ...more

Michael Jackson Memorial: The Words Of A Daughter

"Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.  And I just wanted to say I love much."  Those were the tearful words of Michael Jackson's 11 year old daughter, Paris at her father's memorial service today. When I first saw Paris Jackson about to take the microphone at the very end of the two hour service, my head said, "No, no, don't put that little girl up there!" ...more

I was watching this on TV. It was a sad moment for the whole world. May his soul lay in peace.more

Britney Spears Train Wreck Derails, Hospitalized

If you care, Britney Spears was hospitalized late last night after barricading herself in a closet and refusing to turn over custody of her two pawns (children) to ex-husband Kevin Federline’s body guard, who had come to pick them up at the end of Britney’s visitation with them yesterday. ...more

Proof Positive That I am Getting Old

Watched the MTV VMAs last night. Correction, I ATTEMPTED to watch them. ...more

I didn't see it, but I haven't wanted to see it in years.

Kinda ironic that Mtv have Video ...more

An Open Apology to Britney Spears

Cross posted at Celebrate Life ~ Daily!™ In response to her 2007 MTV Video Music Awards performance and subsequent news media bashing: I'm sorry, Britney. I humbly and deeply apologize for all the mean judgemental things I've ever thought, said, or wrote, about you, your career, or your life choices. I'm sorry for thinking I have a right to judge your life and behavior, when mine has never been exemplary, and even if it were, WHO AM I TO JUDGE YOU?!! I'm sorry that I've allowed myself to get caught up in all the negative sensationalism that has surrounded you of late. The entertainment news media relentlessly continues to point out your weaknesses, ineffective choices, ever reminding us... Continued ...more