Buy and Sell Digital Documents Online

If you own your own business, you know just how hard it is to create business systems from scratch. Those everyday systems that make your business go are crucial to your success, yet you don't want to spend time reinventing the wheel....more

Resources and The 4-Hour Workweek

The services featured below provide you with the tools and resources to help you succeed both personally and professionally....more

Blog o sphere: Here We Come

Last year was full of firsts for us; our first babies; our first time entering the workforce as  mothers; our first resignations realizing that motherhood and the corporate world don’t always mix well, or the way you want; and the first time we started a business. It has been a tumultuous time!...more

Small Business Tip: New Free Online Store for Maryland Seafood

Buying and selling Maryland seafood is easier for the state’s entrepreneurs, small business owners and consumers.  There is a new online home for Maryland seafood direct from watermen and aqua-farmers as easy as picking up the phone and placing an order. The University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center and the Maryland Department of Agriculture are working toget...more

Small Business Tip: Entrepreneurs Lead the Way in Green IT

The second annual Green IT trend survey by CDW Corporation is out and entrepreneurs are not letting the current economic downturn stall green IT initiatives.  In fact, researchers found small businesses are the most likely to invest in Green IT in the...more

Small Business Tip: New Satellite Phone with "Smart Wireless" Features Coming

Businesses, government agencies and international organizations are the initial target markets for a new satellite phone service coming from AT&T.  The TerreStar Genus phone will be able to make calls at sea or from remote locations.  When cellular networks are unavailable, a satellite covering North America will act as a cell site in space to provide coverage to help users stay connected. ...more

Small Business Tip: Consumers Spending More Time on Social Media

Web savvy consumers are spending about three times as much of their time on the Web on social networking and blog sites like Facebook and Twitter as they did a year ago, according to new research from The Nielsen Company.  The research reveals the time spent by Americans o...more

Small Business Tip: New Social Media Tools & Technology Can Pay off in Profits

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are reaching millions of people with their business brand in 140 characters or less: Twitter!  According to recent research from ...more

Your Best Business Tip Can Pay Off in New Small Business Contest

Many small business owners have great ideas on the best way to build a business.  These ideas and tips can pay off in new technology for your small business. A great business tip could win you a new netbook computer in the ‘FreedomVoice Small Business Tip Contest.’ ...more

Small Business Owners Take Part in Important Vehicle Test of Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have been part of a two year test of hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles.  More than a hundred hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are part of a real world test by five thousand people to put the gas-free, emissions-free fleet on highways and real driving conditions. Recently, a million miles were logged by the volunteer test drivers behind the wheels of the eco-friendly fleet. has been following the test program. ...more