5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Co-working Space

Working from a co-working space is increasing in popularity. It helps many professionals, startup entrepreneurs, and freelancers to avoid the distractions at the home office. But the additional cost could make some people feel it will be a drain on their resources. Although this point is valid, the following benefits make renting a co-working space worthwhile. ...more

5 Reasons Why People Become Entrepreneurs

There are many reasons why people choose to become entrepreneurs over having a regular job. Being an entrepreneur does come with a large degree of risk but it can also give you a lot of freedom in terms of time and money. Five of the most common reasons why people become entrepreneurs are discussed below. They Are Very Creative ...more

Life at 30, What I Want You to Know

Well, well, well, it is that time of the year again. We each have that one day of the year where we celebrate the day in which we were born into this world and this week is my turn. Yes, I celebrate my birthday and every year that we live to see is indeed a celebration....more

In Conversation With: Jia Li, founder of Jia Li Collection

New York really is the center of the universe given its gravitational pull for diversity and global citizens. Let’s take Jia Li as a case study of this fact: Jia grew up in Yunnan, China, was educated in Europe with a business degree, then she moved to the United States 12 years ago. After working for a few fashion brands and seeing a niche in the apparel industry for fashionable and functional clothing designs for modern women, Jia started her namesake fashion label 4-years....more

Film! Fashion! New York! A "Rags To Rags" Story.....

New Film/Documentary Project Now On Kickstarter:click link below): http://www.kck.st/1nRdRRu...more

A Golden Business Nugget: Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

There is a kaleidoscope of images and woven conversations still running through my head. Beautiful faces, energetic spirits, money changing hands. Harp music, a glistening pond, a sun drenched deck dotted with women conversing. Laughter, inquisitive voices and wisdom circulating like geese in flight. This is just a slice of what resonates with me from the annual conference I held last month for women entrepreneurs....more