Pause the Hustle :: An Experiment

“Hustling” has become the “thing” to do… we’re led to believe that if we aren’t hustling we aren’t doing enough to be successful.Constant hustling, however, can push us too fast and give us tunnel vision so we aren’t able to see the bigger picture.It can also keep us stuck in a bubble and lose sight of the larger context.A few weeks ago, I took a break from "hustling" for my main business and did a little experiment (without losing income while having quite a bit of good geek fun.)...more

Why Women Bloggers Are The Most Powerful Voices Online

To my blogging friends and want-to-be blogger friends: Since I was a young girl, I always wanted to be a teacher.I played 'school' with my siblings, never handed in an assignment late, and eventually completed my Masters in Teaching.I got married, was employed by the largest school board in my state/province and was being paid in the top salary cap.Career wise, life seemed to be going just as I had planned....more

Step Out of the Marketing Echo Chamber

This article is a call to put more intention into the way we market our products and services – because our actions inform how we perceive ourselves, which affects how we think and act subsequently.A fraction of a degree off course and you could end up at a completely destination over a long journey....more

5 Ways to Set the Stage for Growth

There’s no lack of “growth mindset” articles and quotes out there. Challenge is…After you “get it,” how do you “do it?”Making road for growth is about finding your own groove, so you can set YOUR stage that allows exploration and experimentation....more

7 Lessons from the 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics did not disappoint (i.e. it was LIT), as we witnessed pure athletic greatness, human endurance, and of course, hilarious commentary from social media....more

Read This - Before You Jump Onto the Next "Guru System"

If you've been in business for a while, you've probably purchased some trainings and programs.And if you're anything like me, 55% of them are sitting on your hard drive and collecting dust.You might also have implemented a good portion of the rest, even to a T, yet not getting the results "as advertised."Why?...more

The Fastest Way to Beat Analysis-Paralysis

A couple of Sundays ago I had a bike accident.And I counted myself very lucky…I took a spill at one of those big bad turns descending Panoramic Highway (at -8% grade)…… someone dropped a ball-throwing-dog-stick contraptions lying horizontally across the road, which caught my wheel and caused the accident.I walked away with damages that surprised my riding peeps:...more

6 Reasons You Should Talk Sports at Work

6 Reasons You Should Talk Sports at WorkRecently, I was introduced to the wonderful Jen Mueller, a Seattle sports broadcaster and the founder of Talk Sporty to Me....more