E-newsletter versus paper?

OK, so somehow I was suckered into volunteered to be in charge of the PTO newsletter at Kiddo's school. I know they had an official position "Corresponding Secretary" but am not sure there was someone actually filling it previously. ...more

When my daugher was in high school you could sign up or not for the daily news from the school ...more

Eco-Holiday Prep: Supporting Small Green Businesses

As discussed in “Buycotting the Holidays”, this holiday you have the choice to support economically-challenged green small businesses as you prepare for the holidays. With predictions of a poor retail season, small companies who have devoted themselves to being environmentally friendly are at great risk. ...more

Oh right.  Season of giving.  Not getting.  Heh.

These are great ideas- some familiar ...more

Vodka: The New (Tastier) Vinegar?

I’m not sure which I’m more excited about: the really cool organic U.S.-made vodka in the striking, modern, reusable-as-a-vase bottle or the crazy “eco”-uses we have for that vodka (besides drinking it of course. I’ve long been a fan of its, uhm, MEDICINAL purposes, but now I have other reasons to stay stocked up. Yeah, that’s it, medicine & cleaning). We’ve all been inundated with the virtues of vinegar as a staple for green living. But you gotta admit, unless you’re clever with the essential oil add-ins, it’s kind of stinky. ...more

Back To School Shopping For The Environment

Every year, parents spend millions of dollars on back-to-school supplies. This year, be sure to shop green. Remember that many thrift stores carry school supplies that will cost you a fraction of retail prices. Avoid excess packaging. A large percentage of solid waste stream is the result of unnecessary packaging. When given a choice, choose the product that is sensible, not over-packaged, and reuse or recycle packaging. Look for green labels that let you know the product is certified as environmentally friendly. Shopping list: What is it made of and Where can I get it? Water Bottle: ...more