Garbage Dreams Sweeps Up Accolades with a Compelling Story of Trash Salvagers

When I see films in our big chain movie theater, I like to get the mega-large soft drink. They have a good fountain, and I like to have the big, iceburg of a drink to share throughout the movie, and then get a refill to take home. It's a bit obscene, I think it's 64 ounces and crammed with ice, and takes two hands to carry. Do you ever look in the trash cans on the way out of the theater? The cups and buckets are huge. I'm lucky if I don't spill half of my drink, and then I have the crappy, soggy cup to contend with. It's a bad habit. ...more


Thanks for this article. Last night, unable to sleep, I happed upon a show Wasteland ...more

Cutting the A/C & Powering Down: Do our personal changes matter at all?

I'm depressed. Down in the dumps. Anxious and overwhelmed. For over two years I've focused on personal change: eliminating disposable plastic from my life, reducing my energy consumption, and living as simply as possible. But when I step out my front door, the evidence of overconsumption and waste smacks me squarely in the head: piles of trash, pallets of cheap plastic crap, plastic bags and bottles and packaging. Turning on the TV, I am bombarded by messages to Buy. More. Stuff! Are any of my individual actions making any difference in the bigger picture at all? ...more

It was a teachable moment and you seized it.  I have found that teens, especially when they ...more

Living without plastic or processed foods: ReadyMade takes eco-challenges

Is there something about DIYing that turns you into an environmentalist? Or does environmentalism naturally lead to DIYing interests? That's what I've been wondering since I finally discovered ReadyMade magazine's editors' blog -- which lately seems to be all about fantastic plastic-free living and yummy eco-foodie-ism, thanks to a new weekly feature dubbed "A Week Without..."! ...more

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Why do I DIY?  First of all, it's a fix for that creative itch - I ...more

Summer Refreshers: Cool for You & the Planet

As some of us enter the "dog days of summer," we'll be reaching more often for a cold beverage.  But what if our cool drink of choice is actually contributing to global warming?  How many of us stop to consider the energy emissions created by extracting, bottling, and shipping all of our refreshing sodas, teas and waters? And what about the plastic bottle waste generated after that beverage is consumed?  According to the Container Recycling Institute, only 23.5% of plastic beverage containers in the U.S. are actually recycled each year.  But if we give up bottled beverages, what can we drink instead? ...more

we buy bottled water because out tap water is kinda not safe for drinking but we use a reusable ...more

Keep cool and save money by slaying power vampires

Turning on the fan or AC to beat nature's heat's one thing. But using energy to crank up the fan and AC to cool you off from the heat of other energy-guzzling gadgets you've turned on's rather silly. That's why in my list of 8 Ways to stay cool without an air conditioner, switching away from conventional bulbs that use more energy to create heat than they do to light up a room tops the list. ...more

Green beach reads to save you money, feed your soul, change your life

So you think eco-oriented reads all mean self-sacrifice and doom and gloom. You know, the "our fisheries are dying but it's okay to eat anchovies" or "global warming's likely to decimate us but you can feel better in the meantime by changing a light bulb" heartwarming stuff. Those reads aren't what made me an environmentalist. ...more

Daily beach cleanups, eco-blogger style

One of the oddest things about blogging is that an online post can make you see your real life neighborhood from a strangely close distance -- transforming your reality into a surreal cyberreality -- and vice versa. That's what my neighbor Sara Bayles's blog, The Daily Ocean, has done to my world, online and off. ...more

We enjoy going to the beach but leave our garbage after we're done having fun, and we still need ...more

Green Baby Steps at BlogHer '09

Some of my favorite green bloggers were on the green team for BlogHer this year in an attempt to 'green up' the conference a bit.  BlogHer is a mighty big conference (over 1400 attendees I believe) and I can't imagine how hard it must be to organize the thing, much less worry about the environmental impact.  Kudos to BlogHer management for listening to the green team and putting some smart green initiatives in place this year! ...more

Thanks for posting this, Micaela.  I too am wondering conferences can get the funding to ...more

A Green back-to-school kit -- or office greening kit

Back to school shopping -- or even just shopping for office supplies -- can be stressful for environmentalists, what with staring at rows and rows of uneco vinyl folders and picking up one after another notebook to check for post-consumer recycled content. That, plus the fact that many neighborhoods don't have local, independent office supply stores that meet all school supplies needs, means fighting crowds at big box stores. ...more