Ditch the Clutter: Why Buy When You Can Borrow?

A while back I found myself on the receiving end of a bunch of whole spices -- nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, etc. -- and no way to grind them.  Having made the commitment to reduce my consumption by buying fewer new things (epecially those made from plastic), I quickly jumped on Freecycle and Craigslist to see if I could find a spice grinder used.  Fortunately, there were none available that day because it suddenly hit me.  I'm no cook.  I'll probably use this thing once or twice in my life.  Why would I buy myself a spice grinder to be used a couple of times and then clutter up my kitchen for years afterward? Why not just borrow one from a friend? ...more

I think the less stuff we can bring into our homes, the less clutter we'll have overall.  I'm ...more

Ditch the clutter: Stop junk mail

Stopping junk mail's easy -- theoretically -- since all you need to do is say no. But because you have to say no to so many different companies -- and may want to preserve one or two coupon mailers you use -- de-cluttering your mail box can get difficult pretty fast. This perhaps explains why so many people still get -- and complain about -- the amount of junk mail they get. ...more

What impact does mining have on the environment?

Waste from gold and other kinds of mining pollutes the planet. ...more

Green Living: microfiber cloths

For 2009, we promised to be nicer to mother earth (to at least balance out our bad years). We already have a system in place to cut down on using disposable plates and utensils, and wanted to take it a step further with cutting down on paper towels. ...more

Eco-travel blogs for the green nomad

Do you crisscross the world in search of adventure -- or just cut across the blogosphere in search of virtual vacations? Eco-travel blogs are popping up to help you on your peripatetic way. Three to check out: ...more

A Sweet eco-cruise for lesbians

Alas, I'm not a lesbian -- but after discovering Sweet, a travel company that merges lesbian travel with eco-social awareness, I had to check the FAQ to see if I could still go on one of their green-minded trips! ...more

I wrote an article on lesbian travel and Sweet was one of the companies I wrote about.  I was ...more

An Eco-conundrum: Eating local in a drought

Eat local's the usual eco-foodie mantra, but that advice takes on a bittersweet edge when your state's in a drought. Sure, we can conserve at home -- but 80% of California's water goes to agriculture. ...more

Why I'm not taking the train to BlogHer '09 -- but wish I were

When I was planning for the last Blogher conference in Chicago in 2007, I had a bunch of people ask why I wasn't taking the train (answer: It took too long). This year, thanks to a new study, no one's asked me the train question -- yet. ...more

When you come out of Union Station and cross the street (North side of the station) ...more

Green & easy airport travel

If you're flying to BlogHer '09, you've probably already bought your round trip ticket to Chicago -- and thus committed to spewing a lot of carbon by taking that flight. No I'm not judging -- I'm flying too, and later this month, I'll write about greening flights as much as possible. But this post's about greening pre-flight! ...more