Earth Promise: Young Green Philanthropists

What do kids really need these days when it comes to giving and receiving birthday gifts? ...more

Earth Promise: Organic? In This Economy?

If you ask someone why they eat organic, they will most probably engulf you with reasons: tastes better/fresher; better for the environment (no pesticides means healthier soil, water and wildlife); supports small farmers; too much trucking/shipping involved to receive the food; and the top reason: better for your health. ...more

Earth Promise: Celebrating Just Got A Little Bit Greener

My friends and family often tell me I come up with great green ideas for my girls’ birthday parties and annual Thanksgiving feast.   I have either emailed the birthday invitations or printed them on recycled paper; I present ...more

Bicycling safety: How not to collide with cars or people

Too scared to bike? It's true -- Bicycling infrastructure in most U.S. cities are rather inadequate, with roads made for cars and cyclists considered as an afterthought, if at all.  ...more

I think part of the issue is that motorists just aren't educated about watching out for ...more

Earth Promise: Yard Waste is Green and Useful

What do you do with your yard waste (i.e. grass, weeds, small branches, leaves and plant clippings)?  Do you compost?  Do you bag it for curbside pickup? ...more

Earth Promise: The Environmental Journey is Underway

Nathan is on the road.  On May 10, 2009, Lancaster, Pennsylvania native, Nathan Winters hopped on his bike to unite his love of nature with his love of exploration hoping to draw attention to support the conservation of land and nature.   Belfast, Maine was his launching point and he’ll finish across the continent in Seattle. ...more

Discover One-Mile-Radius Living

If you've ever considered driving less -- or even getting rid of your car altogether -- you've probably experienced de-car-ing anxiety: The fear that you'll no longer have the freedom to do the stuff you think you love to do. What if I want to ditch my health kick and make a midnight run to Target for a cheap gallon ice cream? How will I get to Wal-Mart on a whim to buy that bargain plastic doohickey that'll break in a month? ...more

Your neighborhood sounds like it is (or is becoming) so vibrant and cute! But I think your ...more

Earth Promise: Sunscreen Decisions

I envy those people who have fair, smooth, sun blotch-free complexions.  Being that I live in Florida, I’ve been using sunscreen (almost) everyday—for years.  I’m used to lathering on the lotion each time I go to the beach, am out by the pool, or knowing that I’ll be outdoors for an extended period of time.  What about on a daily basis when I’m out and about runnin ...more

Earth Promise: Reduce and Reuse: It Helps the Environment

Stuff.  Possessions.  Things. We all have way too much of it.  Especially if you have children or if you are one to hold onto things for sentimental reasons.  (You know who you are!) There may be a psychological underlying reason why you hold onto your stuff, but no matter what the reason is, there are ways to help reduce and reuse it. Here are some ideas to reduce and reuse: ...more

you haver compileed some informative sites here. At home, I usually recycle home decors or ...more

Earth Promise: Fundraising With Green in Mind

Fundraising With Green In Mind Although school is coming to an end, this is the ideal time to organize school fundraisers for the 2009-2010 school-year.   ...more