Giving up plastic: Not so easy? What do you think?

This post is supposed to be about "easy ways to reduce plastic use." But really, what's so easy about that? These days, our fast-paced lifestyles are centered on convenience and technology, both of which require plastic, right? Our beverages (water, sodas, sports drinks, iced lattes) and food (meats, cheeses, milk, energy bars, cereal, bread, frozen dinners, whole roasted chickens, and sometimes even produce) all come packaged in plastic. And our toys -- whether for grown ups (computer, iPhone, camera) or kids (from teethers to training wheels) are all made from and/or packaged in plastic, right? How can it possibly be easy to give up? ...more

Great point, midnightbliss.  I also think that educating people on the health effects of ...more

Scrappage is Rubbish

Scrappage is rubbish By Anna Heywood on Apr 23, 09 07:49 AM I am still trying to work out if the scrappage scheme is supposed to be a green one.I hope not, otherwise it is the biggest load of Greenwash I have heard in recent times. ...more

Happy Earth Day: My How We've Changed!

I met my husband because of the first Earth Day  I was covering all the "movement people" for CBS News - they had hired me because I knew all the 60s anti-war leaders - so when Earth Day emerged, I was assigned to the 'treehuggers" too. ...more

Great story. I think that it's great that more people are getting involved.


Earth Day 2009! Top tips to make it easy being Green.

Tomorrow, April 22 is Earth Day! ...more

We have a composting toilet


Opera Singer Shifts $1,000 to Save the Planet

Elizabeth de Shong makes her living as a professional opera singer. But she's made "green living" a priorityfor herself and her family. ...more

Social Media Experiment a Success

The power of what having a social media network can do for an organization has never been more clear than the following example. A conservation organization, "Replanting the Rainforests" embarked on an experiment using only social media outlets. They contacted bloggers, Facebook users and people on Twitter and asked them to blog, post and tweet about their content for one month. Nothing extra really, just a mention of their mission while doing what they always do. The results are staggering. ...more

The Lorax By Dr. Seuss- Why you should read it to your kids!

If you are a green mommy, you must own this book! This is one of the stories I enjoy reading to my son most; and it is guaranteed to get a tear or two. ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series: Howard Waldman - Green Dean for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Howard Waldman - Green Dean for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School ...more

Your water footprint, illustrated


A big part of the problem is simply our messed up factory farms, which cage up cows in ...more