Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series: Stefani Newman, eco-writer and Founder of teensygreen

April 10th, 2009 Stefani Newman, eco-writer and Founder of teensygreen ...more

Free Four all Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I don't know about you, but I was ready for my weekend to start... oh, I don't know... about two days ago. ...more

Dear Planet Earth, Are you sad? Or am I just anthropomorphizing again?

Dear Planet Earth, How are you? I am fine. Well, not exactly fine. I stay up late at night blogging. About you. Sometimes with a glass of organic wine. ...more

 Thinking green is good: acting on those thoughts is even better. I like you ...more

If you do just one green thing....

If I wrote an eco book for Earth Day, perhaps my last choice for a title would be Climate Change, as such a title tends not to entice readers -- neither the already eco-conscious and curious (because they already believe climate change is happening) nor the eco-oblivious (because they don't care about climate change) types. ...more

Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series - Tim Leffel, Travel Writer

April 4th, 2009   ...more

A Recessionista’s guide to Earth Month

Earth Month's a great time to go green, but you don't have to be an eco-blogger to get overwhelmed by all the "go green!" advice coming at you from all directions. So this April, my big eco-idea for fellow BlogHers is this: Keep it simple -- and save money. ...more

It's going to be earth month again in a month's time. So I just hope that we've all been doing ...more

Disney's Earth Movie Is Breathtaking - but Misses an Opportunity to Educate

Disney doesn't often make a movie little kids shouldn't see. But "Earth," the nature filmpremiering on Earth Day April 22, falls into that category. ...more

All Stocked Up On Crazy!

Yesterday, members of Westboro Baptist Church protested outside the White House and...more

Clean green by cleaning less

Love blogs but hate the loose, disorganized way random green cleaning posts pop up in your web browser? Then pick up The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Cleaning for a step-by-step book that'll give you the no-nonsense organization you need to stop procrastinating and to start spring cleaning. ...more

Great tips, Condo Blues. I also have a friend who has a sensitive cat -- She's had to make ...more

Ice Cream Cones Are Green: Simple & Fun Steps to Protect the Planet

We all care about the planet, right? But sometimes the steps required to shrink our environmental footprints just seem so hard that we give up before we even start. ...more

I love how ice cream is everyone's favorite tip.  What about the others?  Too hard?  Too ...more