No one likes being condescended to, but it's easy to do if you treat every audience the same. With super green audiences, strong messaging about saving the earth and its creatures is preaching to the choir, so you don't have to temper much. But if you want to expand your audience to consumers resisting the green "movement," you need to find another way because scare tactics and shame just don’t work....more

Election Day: Environmental Issues At Stake

I am not a fear monger or a worry wart. But as the presidential election runs out its last 24 hours, I fear that my security and the security of my children are at stake in this election. And I worry that, under a Romney administration, the environmental progress we’ve seen over the last four years could come to a screeching halt....more
Thank you for this great post. These issues were hardly mentioned during the election, and they ...more

The Lorax 2012 - More than marketing

March 16, 2012 I took my brother to the movies for his birthday. It had been a few years since I did anything for my brother on his birthday, so I decided that I would extend the olive branch and take him out. We went to the movie theater. There wasn't much playing, except for the Lorax. Personally, I was super excited about this movie, since it was my absolute favourite Dr. Seuss book as a child. So we went to see The Lorax made into big screen material (not 3D though......more

The Price Of Donations!

With government cuts continuing to take place across all states in America. Private donations are being sort after by Universities, Parks & Recreation and many other institutions. The donations however, come with additional challenges and ethical responsibilities.  This article speaks to this point perfectlyParks chief blocked Canyon bottle banPublished: November 10. 2011 4:00AM PST...more

Raising Consciousness. Series 1.

I attended an all day event today, called The Earth at Risk. My head is still spinning with a plethora of thoughts, and insights about social justice and environmental challenges across the globe, that continue to jeopardize all forms of life on earth....more

Be the change you want to see in the world

Yesterday my little E officially became a walker, soon to be a runner no doubt. As soon as I saw her little feet move, it became clear to me that her first pair of shoes just had to be TOMS....more

Our Chicks are Here!

Chickens were a fleeting dream I had a few years ago....more

That is so exciting! We will be getting some baby chicks in June if everything goes according ...more

Pesticides and GMO Foods

Avoiding these foods for the most part, substituting with foods from the clean list and eating organic and/or homegrown produce whenever possible can substantially cut down on your exposure to pesticides. Keep in mind that corn and sweet potatoes are among those foods most likely to have been genetically modified....more

Say What: Understanding Audiology

When I tell folks I am an Audiology graduate student, I get one of two responses:1.) "What??" (they honestly don't know what audiology is or think I'm studying "ideology")or2.) "What?!?!" (they are making a joke about how they "can't" hear)So, I respond with either:1.) "Well it's a profession that studies, diagnoses and treats hearing losses and fits hearing aids" (among MANY other things)or...more