Young Female Athlete Tackles Astro-Turf Concerns

To delay the cost of laying and maintaining natural grass, some sports fields are fitted with Astro-Turf, a synthetic lawn primarily made up of rubber, nylon and plastic. But Claire Dworsky, a 10-year-old soccer player, had some very real concerns about water run-off from such fields. So, she took action....more
Great article! My children have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing on turf fields. ...more

Your 2011 Christmas Tree Guide

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time to scout for the giant cat toy…er, Christmas tree that, for many of us, will take over the living room for several weeks. Yes, it's messy and a bit of a hassle but I look forward to that wonderful pine smell and rediscovering all the gorgeous ornaments that have been patiently waiting in the basement all year long....more
We'd make room for you in the car, Heather, and I'd pack an extra sandwich for you, too! :) ...more

Gifts To Reduce Plastic

If you are hanging out here in the Green section, it's likely you well understand how plastic is the enemy of the environment. So much of what we purchase these days comes packaged in this non-biodegradable material, that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is only the start of our problems....more
@Charlotte Locavore Hey Charlotte - I bought that bread bag as part of a 3-pack (as the photo ...more