Acting As If Future Generations Matter

By Carolyn Raffensperger, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine...more

I Am Not a Guinea Pig (And Neither Are My Kids)

When I was a kid, my brother had guinea pigs. Fat little guys with stubby little legs that he desperately tried to train to do entertaining things like play soccer with a super ball and sniff out money (he was a little Alex P. Keaton-ish). Anyway, in my typical innocent upbringing I would never have imagined conducting toxicological tests on our little friends....more

New Reasons To Be Afraid, Very Afraid: Bath Toys And Baby Slings Are Bad

There is, it seems, no end to the things that can cause harm to your family. Strollers, playgrounds, sippy cups, plastic toys, painted toys, toys with removable parts... pretty much anything that is a fixture in family life, it seems, is a hazard. Well, now you can add bath toys and baby-wearing to that list. Are you a parent? Good luck sleeping at night. ...more

My girls have been taking baths since they were born like everyone else's, with bath toys and ...more

The Trickle-Down Effect

My office is on the 3rd floor of one of the oldest parts of the hospital complex. On the 6th floor this morning, some electrical contractors futzing with stuff in the ceiling accidentally set off a sprinkler. I was gone from my desk for about 5 minutes, and when I came back my officemate was frantically throwing binders into the hall and covering everything with garbage bags. KP was frantic; her scrubs were soaked and her hair was wet. It was not just seeping, it was running through the ceiling in about eight different places. It was actually kind of cool. ...more