Eco Issues: A very close threat

The state of our planet is far from admirable and we basically have only ourselves to blame. The impact of the human race on the deterioration of Earth’s health drastically surpasses any other source. We have managed to deteriorate every aspect of our planetary eco-system. Things are starting to change though, and communities around the world are showing active initiative. This has also enabled a rise in governmental actions to deal with ecological issues....more

Unite Against...

I often receive emails that ask for support to unite against environmental damage or other world issues. There are some causes in which I fully support and others I’m decidedly not involved. One that comes up most often is uniting to End Violence Against Women! A noble goal indeed! However, does anyone really believe that we can end violence against women?...more

Environmental Awareness Through Nature Writing

Writing, blogging in particular lends itself to introspection. There’s a writer I started reading a few weeks ago; I don’t know his or her name, but they go by the moniker of The Blog Tyrant. If you’re a blogger, I strongly urge you to visit their website – they have a really good pulse on what makes a blog work.  And one of the things they’ve got me thinking about is, how does my blog benefit my readers? (That’s you, by the way)....more
I agree - well said! I'm a strong proponent of the thought that we won't conserve what we don't ...more

Earth Promise: Young Green Philanthropists

What do kids really need these days when it comes to giving and receiving birthday gifts? ...more

Earth Promise: Organic? In This Economy?

If you ask someone why they eat organic, they will most probably engulf you with reasons: tastes better/fresher; better for the environment (no pesticides means healthier soil, water and wildlife); supports small farmers; too much trucking/shipping involved to receive the food; and the top reason: better for your health. ...more

Earth Promise: Sunscreen Decisions

I envy those people who have fair, smooth, sun blotch-free complexions.  Being that I live in Florida, I’ve been using sunscreen (almost) everyday—for years.  I’m used to lathering on the lotion each time I go to the beach, am out by the pool, or knowing that I’ll be outdoors for an extended period of time.  What about on a daily basis when I’m out and about runnin ...more

Earth Promise: Reduce and Reuse: It Helps the Environment

Stuff.  Possessions.  Things. We all have way too much of it.  Especially if you have children or if you are one to hold onto things for sentimental reasons.  (You know who you are!) There may be a psychological underlying reason why you hold onto your stuff, but no matter what the reason is, there are ways to help reduce and reuse it. Here are some ideas to reduce and reuse: ...more

you haver compileed some informative sites here. At home, I usually recycle home decors or ...more

Earth Promise: Fundraising With Green in Mind

Fundraising With Green In Mind Although school is coming to an end, this is the ideal time to organize school fundraisers for the 2009-2010 school-year.   ...more

Earth Promise: Our Green Hero

President Obama has chosen the ideal person to fight both poverty and pollution at the same time–Van Jones. ...more

Earth Promise: Green Your Mama

Environmentally friendly gifts are all the rage these days, but with the economy still dipping, you can still show Mom how thankful you are.  Here are a few ideas that will let Mom know you not only adore her, but Mother Earth as well. ...more