30 Days of Earth Day

This month I am blogging about sustainable living.   Every day includes a tip or other infomation on how we can create a more sustainable world. Each of us can make a differece.  Visit me:  http://www.spinsterjane.com/...more

Top 3 Sustainable Sports Sponsorships

As the Winter Olympic Games begin to ramp up in Sochi, Russia, the usual sports hype has been overshadowed by controversy. Not only has Sochi provided questionable accommodations, but many believe the Russian city has failed to take action for human rights and has destroyed one of the region's most ecologically valuable sites....more

Earth Day 2012

The earth has music for those who listen. - William Shakespeare1970. Calling all hippie baby boomers that were there. Watch this fascinating time capsule about the first Earth Day celebration way back then. Brings back lots of memories for me!...more

How to grow Potatoes in your home garden

Have you ever grown potatoes in your home garden? If you have a sunny spot and a few feet of space, they're really easy to grow! Today I planted the first of the seed potatoes in my garden, & I'll show you how to plant them in yours too.A few facts about potatoes:...more

Oceans – a Critical Component of Life

Baby boomers and their families are concerned about ecological and cultural challenges facing all of us worldwide, and there are many organizations working together to promote sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage....more

Bike or drive- A Joe Mohr cartoon

I love cartoons, but add some greenness to the cartoon and I am tickled green! I especially enjoyed them as a kid. But what kid doesn’t like cartoons, really? Joe Mohr uses his amazing writing and drawing talent paired with his humour to create one of a kind cartoons to get his environmental message across!...more