How to Tell If You're Secretly a Homesteader

We are a society that dearly loves to label things.  I've been thinking, lately about how to know if you can officially label yourself as a homesteader.  The modern definition of homesteading has become quite fluid, but I think it's safe to say you might be a homesteader (at least in spirit) if ......more
Mom to Country Kids I actually signed in/got a new password to tell you just how awesome this ...more

Environmentalist in Oklahoma: Against the Grain

I was born and raised in rural Oklahoma, in a town of around 17,000 people. Oklahoma is known for things like rodeos, country music, the Dust Bowl, the oil and natural gas, and for being one of the reddest states, politically, in the U.S. Oklahoma is not known as being a very progressive or eco-friendly state. My Senator, Sen. Inhofe is even one of the biggest climate deniers in U.S. politics....more
@Ranching architect Thank you for your comments, I have no ill feelings ...more

Initia-tainment: The Eco-Celebrity Campaign

A Fortune 500 scion, a fimmaker and a minor celebrity walk into a bar...and they decide to change the world.   ...more

Stop Mountaintop Coal Mining

We mine over a billon tons of coal every year in the United States. Around 20 percent of that comes from central Appalachia, where a type of coal mining called mountaintop coal mining is used for about 95 percent or more of the strip-mining. This form of mining is full of controversy and for good reason. ...more
@AVeryGoodYear @blogher what annoys me is how everyone attacks coal, but no one says a word ...more

Trash in Cape Town

I realized one of my travel dreams recently, when I spent eight days on a holiday break in Cape Town, South Africa. The scenery was breathtaking, the weather perfect, the food delicious.And then there was the trash.Somehow, when you go so far away, to a place so exotic, you don’t expect to find the same problems you deal with day to day at home. I sure didn’t....more
I live in Cape Town and I so agree! Just today I walked in Sea Point and looked down at all the ...more

Fighting the Ivory Trade

Elephants are among the most interesting, visually-appealing, task-oriented animals in the kingdom, called upon for everything from hauling human beings to shooting water on command. And, all too frequently, they are killed and maimed for their ivory tusks, skins, and meat, or abused in situations where they are called upon to perform stunts for human audiences. I don't think it's true that they never forget. How could they? I couldn't. Could you? ...more
When I was young, my father traveled to India on business. Whenever he traveled, he always ...more

The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes

Her name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki and she is the daughter of world-renown environmentalist activist David Suzuki....more
 @thetreehugger Wouldn't that be the most perfect outcome? God bless her...and us...that we can ...more

Revisiting Veganism

I've been vegan for over a year now....more

Nonprofits Get Creative to Keep the Donations Coming

Over the past few years, most charities have been challenged, to say the least, on fundraising efforts. Many previously flush donors have been forced to cut back on their generosity. Asking the remaining contributors to dig deeper is not the answer in most cases. What's a nonprofit to do?...more