National Food Recovery Week: November 17, 2014

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 96% of the food we throw out ends up in landfills....more

If you win a battle of wits with an unarmed person, does it still count as a "win"?

I have many friends. They are sprinkled throughout the political spectrum like a busted bag of Skittles on a kitchen floor. Some of them have even slid under the great refrigerator of apathy. However, my friends all have two thing in common: they are smart and they are well informed. I eschew dipshits just as I do asshats and twatwaffles. It’s how I roll....more

Interview: Lisa Jackson, Former Head of EPA

Lisa Jackson recently retired as America’s top environmental CEO. For four years, she was the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a job that put her right in the middle of the nation’s most important and high-profile environmental controversies. (She was also the first African-American to hold that position.)...more

Polluted air can stunt children’s lungs

Hey, it’s summer! That means we can rip electronics out of our kids’ hands and tell them to “go out and play!” But tragically, many of us will need to think twice about booting them outdoors because of air pollution....more

EPA Launches Team ENERGY STAR for Kids

Nagging your kids to turn off the lights or computer when they're not being used gets old fast. That's why I'm pretty thrilled that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has launched a new initiative to inspire kids to save energy and take some of the burden off us parents. Image: Ashley Jouhar/Cultura via ZUMA Press. ...more
Great post on a great way to teach our kids about protecting the environment this summer! more

Easing My Conscience: Giving Recyclables a New Lease on Life

Do you re-play conversations over and over in your head and think of what you should or should not have said and over-analyze a situation and then feel guilty about how you did or did not handle something or say or do something?...more

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (WV): Proposed Bill Would Rein in EPA on Regulating Greenhouse Gases

Although everyone is buzzing about health are right now, other things ARE happening. When you take it local, Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito (WV) is worried about the economy of her state in regards to the regulation of greenhouse gases. The EPA wants to regulate under the Clean Air Act through cap and trade legislation that was ultimately halted earlier this year....more

Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic

Nothing, it seems, is safe any more. First it was lead paint on toys, then toxins in baby bottles, and then toxins in everything, and so, really, what's an anxious mother to do but PANIC, like, ALL THE TIME?And then panic some more when she sees headlines like this: Is Your Playground Toxic?...more

Green Obama

As President Bush announced yet another bail-out, this time for American automakers, it's hard to remember that there are other important problems that will need some serious attention when the administration takes over in January. ...more

Any kind of plan to save the planet is better than no plan at all. 

The Moxie Report. ...more

EPA's "Radon: Test, Fix, Save a Life" Video Contest

EPA is sponsoring a contest inviting Americans to make informational videos to help spread the word about the dangers of Radon. We are looking for 30-60 second videos with the theme "Radon: Test, Fix, Save a Life" that encourage Americans to test their homes for radon, and fix the radon problem if they find one. ...more