beauty is deeper than skin

I am a woman who doesn't spend a lot of time on skin care. You would think that at my age I would be interested in preserving what bit of youth still lingers around the edges of my face. A face that is beginning to resemble a paper bag that's been folded one too many times.Most of the time I can't be bothered. I don't even use any kind of cleansing cream. Usually I just shampoo my face in the shower while I wash my hair....more
this was a fun read. and, of course, i empathized having pulled out hair w/masks in my ...more

Why you should save your soul on your desktop - probably every couple of minutes

I lost a blog post. Like, my first significant blog post. Gone. Forever. Deleted when I broke my blog (I still don’t know how that happened), and not saved to my hard drive, for some mysterious reason. I can remember some of the words, some of the hilarity, some of the pain. It goes something like this. ...more

4,000 Photos Accidentally Deleted: Is Your Flickr Account Safe?

Imagine you are a photographer. You backup your photos via flickr so you can also easily share them on your blog. Now imagine you find someone stealing your work! You report the offending flickr account as you are told to do. You imagine it will be taken care of. Now imagine you attempt to login the next day and find that they deleted your account instead. Sadly, that's what happened to one photoblogger. ...more

In our digital age we easily assume that all things can be replicated and replaced. I've only ...more

Unicorn Meat Caused the Aporkalypse: ThinkGeek Pissed After All It Does for Bacon

Got sparkle? The release of Eclipse has everyone longing for a little more dazzle, so why not try unicorn meat? ...more

The National Pork Board is upset over fake, canned, unicorn meat? I have no words for that! ...more

My Ass Has Paruguay

(While cleaning up the room, I'm in my pyjamas. I lean over and my shirt rides up my back. Earlier this week, I fell down the steps outside my house and promptly got a massive swelling on my hip/spine region. I never checked to see if there was a bruise. I fell on Wednesday because that was the day of my staff potluck and my spinach dip was RUINED.)Danny: "Whoa.. Why is there a bruise the size of Paraguay on your ass?"Me: "Oh, I fell on Wednesday. Is the bruise really that bad?"...more