I don’t want to murder anyone with my epilepsy

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude. Caveat: This post is fragmented. Caveat to my caveat: It’s how my brain is working right now....more

Help Bethany Get Access to Medical Marijuana, Please!!

  Our daughter Bethany has spent most of her life suffering. In fact, she has endured so much more suffering than any human being should ever have to endure....more

just take a taxi

i am not even sure i want to write about this. it tough to write about and to get it down on paper. but this blog is about this trials and tribulations, successes and achievements that come with living through epilepsy. so, here we go... i don't struggle often. i am forever grateful for this. i do struggle with others lack of basic consideration. i do struggle with others seeing me and thinking that because on the outside everything looks "fine", then all must be well. i struggle when others are assholes. ...more

Celiac disease may be affecting your brain

A woman in front of me at the grocery store was telling me her son was on the autism spectrum. I mentioned something about the correlation with autism and digestive issues and allergies and she looked shocked. "I've never heard that!" she said. "So kids with autism are more likely to have allergies? And digestive problems?" I was shocked her pediatrician hadn't mentioned it.So when I ran across this article on celiac and the brain, I knew there would surely be some mention of autism (which there is), but I found out some other interesting things, such as:...more

9 months

nine months. it has been nine months since my last seizure. i've never really felt compelled to count the days since a seizure overtook my body. until now. i can't explain why i feel like i want to. i find joy in it and success. before my last 2 seizures, not having one was something i expected. as if that makes any kind of rational sense. i am a person with epilepsy, after all. i am going to have seizures. it is a part of my life. it has taken me 14 years to accept that. accept that. ...more

MEG brain imagining may let people train their own brains

The sci fi movies are always filled with stories about "mind control." The villian wants to control people's brains to make them do what he wants.But neuroscientists have discovered that you may be able to control your OWN mind - by watching your brain with magnetoencephalography (MEG) imaging.One of the study's researchers mentioned that it might be benefitial to people with epilepsy - allowing them to modify their brain activity to avoid a seizure....more

BlogHer newbie here

i am new to BlogHer. how does this place even work? i am overwhelmed, yet happy i found you all. i found BlogHer though various other blogs with the fancy ad at the top. so, finally i just clicked on it. and here i am!the reason i am here is to share with you my blog.BlackOUT: my epileptic journey...more

Chronic Illness - To Share Or Not To Share

I have had a tough go of pretending I don't suffer from a chronic illness (or two) these past few months. There was a day where I actually posted about having a seizure on facebook. My husband was not pleased. His mother called him about it to check on me. The horror!...more
@Twixmixy thanks! I think we all want to show "our best sides" but it can get out of hand and ...more

Anti-seizure drug causes much higher risk for autism

If you're taking the anti-epilepsy drug valproate, take note: your risk of having a baby with autism is significantly higher.In new research out of Denmark, a study of 500,000 women found that those who had taken the anti-seizure drug during their pregnancy were FIVE TIMES more likely to have a child with autism. ...more

The things that matter....

When there is abuse in your past, be it physical, emotional, sexual, or all of the above you loose the ability to connect. I have recently heard that CONNECTION is the ability to FEEL. Abuse causes disconnection in the way of Shane and fear (Brene Brown), it will implant the believe that we are not worthy of love, self love, or the love of others. You learn not to trust, so you put up walls to keep you safe without realizing that those walls keep you from connecting....more
I am not sure why I started this blog. One of my sisters thought it would be a good idea, and so ...more