Rare Disease Day 2015

Dear Ryan,...more

MEG brain imagining may let people train their own brains

The sci fi movies are always filled with stories about "mind control." The villian wants to control people's brains to make them do what he wants.But neuroscientists have discovered that you may be able to control your OWN mind - by watching your brain with magnetoencephalography (MEG) imaging.One of the study's researchers mentioned that it might be benefitial to people with epilepsy - allowing them to modify their brain activity to avoid a seizure....more

WTF Wednesday

So I was reading this really bizarre story this morning on Livescience.com (which I've bookmarked because I think it makes me sound smart) about a woman in Germany who was suffering from some epileptic seizures with some weird side effects. Somehow, these seizures gave her the perception that she was turning into a man. She said "I'm no longer feeling to be female." Okay, wtf does that even mean? Is that "Yo, I'm ...more