More Things You Can Do Right Now To Guarantee Equal Pay for Women

 “You can have everything you want.  You just have to quit waiting for someone to tell you that you deserve it.” – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ...more

Would Equal Pay Be Enough?

Today is Equal Pay Day.  What’s this about?  In order to earn the same amount of money that a full-time, year round employed US man earned in 2014, a US woman working full-time and year round, has to work all of 2014 and up until today in 2015.  That’s three and a half additional months.  Put another way, women’s median annual earnings trail men’s by a divide of more than 20%, according to the Institute ...more

My New York Internship: The Job That Was Not a Job

I was making, roughly, $70 a night as a waitress. Two hundred dollars sounded amazing. This sounded like a golden opportunity hovering in the air, just waiting for me to seize it. ... Part of the Women @ Work series, sponsored by AFL-CIO. ...more
If only you could share their real details so that others could avoid the same fate!more

50 Years After the Equal Pay Act, Women Are Still Fighting for Equality

Sara*, a veteran of the armed forces, worked her way up from secretary to sales representative for a construction supply company. After winning more than $1 million in contracts for her employer, she was surprised that she hadn’t received a commission like her male co-workers. When she asked her supervisor about it, he told her she would get no commission. ...more

Binders Full of Women Come Up Empty

The equation couldn't be easier. Women represent more than half of the electorate and nearly half the workforce. So you'd think that President Obama and Governor Romney, vying to win the women's vote, would focus on pay equity and its direct link to a healthy economy. But no, it took a woman to raise the question just three weeks before the presidential election....more

Is a pay-gap audit the only way forward?

Despite equal-pay legislation being in place for 40 years, the UK gender pay gap remains one of the highest in the EU. On average women in the UK earn about 15% less than men. And in London the pay gap is higher at 23%....more

What if Self-promotion is a Gender-Neutral Leadership Skill?

Sometimes true wisdom hides behind sensational headlines. I often think this when I read gender wars articles; you know, the ones that toss the sexes in the ring? Here’s my latest beef: Women need to self-promote to make more money. (Forbes Woman , Catalyst Inc.) So apparently women suck at self-promotion. Is that the deepest wisdom here? I’m not arguing the data, but rather the interpretation. ...more

How Not To Fall Victim To “The Motherhood Penalty”

It’s a fact, Ladies. The most fulfilling experience of our lives – nurturing little beings into wonderful adults – is statistically killing our careers. At least that’s what the data says. ...more

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What Are You Worth?

Let’s start with the notion that you are priceless – an utterly unique mix of experience, judgment and talent. Do you feel resistance to that notion? Not true? Impractical? Culturally irrelevant? Play with me anyway. Let go of those negative ideas for just a minute. Just find that part of you that knows you’re priceless and let’s move on....more
As a female college student I see on a daily basis females not negotiating for pay like my male ...more

Why You Need Women Leading In Your Organization - A Summary of the Data

I’m a woman and I like to hear about women making it big in business, but I keep running across data that says that we still aren’t up there with the guys – despite “overwhelming evidence” that companies that have women in leadership roles outperform those who don’t. ...more

Dr. Jean

All the data is starting to point to the impact of women being present in any group ...more