Angry About Taxes? How About Unfair Pay

Tax Day makes me angry. It’s not because of what I’m paying – it’s because of what I’m not paying. My tax return shows the results of a lifetime of unfair pay. Throughout my work life, I was paid less than a man with comparable qualifications and education for similar work. With less income, I also could save less and it just kept getting worse. Now, after a long career, I have less retirement income. If that isn’t unfair, I don’t know what is!...more

Equal Pay Day Controversy

So, Tuesday was equal pay day. For those of you who somehow don't know about this, it represents the day women have to work up to before they've made as much as men made the previous year.At 77 cents to the dollar, we have to work an extra 98 days....more

Marking Equal Pay Day

AAUW members and pay equity advocates all across the country are marking Equal Pay Day today. Marking the day, not celebrating the day. We will celebrate when we no longer need Equal Pay Day, when pay discrimination and the wage gap are things of the past, when women’s wages are finally equal to men’s. Until then, we’ll continue to mark this day — with rallies, proclamations, “unhappy” hours, community events, and bake sales where women receive a discount equal to the wage gap. ...more

Why Equal Pay Day is Equal Power Day

Pick a number between one and fifty-one....more