Nuns, Priests, and Equality Day 18 NaBloPoMo

I have questions.Why are women fighting to become priests?Why aren't women fighting for equal job rights as nuns?Why not break barriers for nuns to lead services and administer the sacraments?Wouldn't that be the epitome of the women's movement?  To gain equality while wearing our femaleness?  Isn't that what we are fighting for? .... to broaden our job description?...more

Why I Call It the Goose and Gander Conundrum.

Life went on after Mr. Fruit Plate and I went on more first dates, none of which took for months. In fact, it began to feel more like a job search gone bad than a merry romp through fields of potential long term mates. I began to despair and wonder if I was really cut out for this online human crap shoot. ...more

Are Women Really Celebrated?

Are Women Really Celebrated?          Women's day on March 8th, another special day to appreciate women for all the roles they take in our lives, a day to express gratitude for their sacrifices made to shape our lives and a day to acknowledge the abilities and achievements of womenfolk! But are they standing tall in all societies around the globe?...more

And that’s when I realized… I’d rather be straight

And that's when I realized... is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their realizations, both the comical and poignant. To submit to this series, please email me at  Today’s post is by  Rhiannon Ledgerwood. ...more

The Big Sister In Me & Marriage Equality

Being an older sibling is a lot like being a mother; you look out for your siblings, giving them advice based on your own life experiences and hold your breath when they make a mistake. You're there to pick them back up, dust them off and let them know they are loved no matter what. You want the best for them and feel every hurt and every joy, as if it's happening to you. You would protect them with the ferociousness of a mother bear, if anything or ANYONE tried to hurt them. ...more

Feminism. No, Really.

Cross Posted from fem·i·nism/ˈfɛm əˌnɪz əm/  [fem-uh-niz-uh m] noun 1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. 2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women. 3. feminine character. ...more

Sunday Morning Questions

Went to see “Lincoln” yesterday.  Such a poignant and important movie, the dialogue was absolutely intelligent, fired off with such expertise and wit that I found myself laughing at the smallest nuance of speech....more