Religious leaders call for action to end gender-based violence in Ethiopia

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Football camps in Jordan plant seeds of friendship and cohesion

Crossposted from UN Women. For Syrian refugees in Jordan, integration into the Jordanian society is fraught with challenges. Mistrust and rumors taint how each group perceives the other. A project by UN Women organized football camps for adolescent girls, where Jordanian and Syrian girls built friendships and social cohesion. ...more

Samoa's Rugby team plays to support the elimination of violence against women

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So many topics, so little time

When you are in the mist of first writing and then publishing your first fiction book, "Untouched," this June,  being nominated for  book of the year, and taking your freelance business to new heights, you need sometime away from writing. There have been so many topics that I would have loved to write about over the past two months, so sitting back and observing has been tough. ...more

Celebrating International Women's Day

Today I'm celebrating International Women's Day. I'm reflecting on the advances we have made in history for women's rights but that also leads me to reflect on the things we still have yet to achieve. That includes the fact that women still don't have equal pay and that the Equal Rights Amendment was never actually ratified. On Mogul today, I shared a story about a woman I know who opened my eyes to her view on the gender pay gap. It was alarming to me and makes me sad everytime I think about our conversation.Here's a short snippet of my post on Mogul:...more

On Women's Equality

 This is not intended to be a political post. Of course, feminism has its obvious political impact and I am, as a feminist, grateful for that. In that way, it can move us forward; women and all of humanity....more

Six Year Old Shouldn't Be Dating Mom

Ok, I know this is going to be inflammatory to some, but it's really bothering me.I've seen my news feed on Facebook flood with links to this article, praising the Mom for having her six-year-old son take her out on dates.He opens doors, pulls out her chair, pays from his allowance, and figures out the tip."Teaching him how to treat a lady." is the idea....more

This Is the Time For Women, And We’re In a Fight For Our Lives #WomensLives #OwningIt

“… Two weeks later, my shift was changed to the night shift. That was really hard. Instead of reaching my goals, I was being taught a lesson. And this was a time when I needed to be around for my younger son as much as possible.  My kids had been seventeen and eleven when I started the job—in high school and middle school—and now the younger one was moving towards high school. Image Credit:
Thank you, Deedra.  I agree!  We need to all hear the stories so we understand that these are ...more

Ms. Foundation for Women launches new campaign “MyFeminismIs” invites feminists to paint a picture of 21st century Feminism

The Ms. Foundation for Women will launch its latest campaign—setting its sights on creating a more inclusive definition of Feminism, Monday October 19, 2015....more

Ninja Stars in Girl World

 I was emailing back and forth to my beautiful editor, M.L. Scarbrough, one day (like most days) and she was telling me about the fitness group she’d initiated with her coworkers. I started to type my response “I love your little fitness group,” and as soon as I typed the sentence thought, “That’s kind of rude.” ...more