Make the Break!

My students have been working hard to have their voices heard. Having met with Maria Shriver, via live video conference and having scheduled meetings with former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and the first female high school football coach in the nation, Natalie Randolph, they thought they would take a different approach to gain the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.  One student wrote an incredible song, a phenomenal drama teacher put the students' ideas into a video and one very accommodating principal worked with the students to make this a reality....more

We are in need of more hits. Any assistance that could be provided would thrill the students. If ...more

Month of Awesome Women: Sandy Close

In writing about my hero Sandy Close, it's hard to know where to start.  The end point is easy: Sandy is a over 65+ writer, editor, creator, social change leader and visionary whose work at New America Media and Pacific News Service gives me a map for what fearless, consistent work in the  community-focused media space can look like. Her work is so unique, and her impact so profound, that this year Sandy was the 2011 recipient of the George Polk Career Award, one of journalism's highest accolades. ...more

The Pay Gap Is Your Fault!

Yes, Virginia, there is (still) a pay gap. And, gals, this is your fault! Just in time to open the new year on a note of intellectual dishonesty, here’s a hit parade of recently reiterated alleged facts about why women make less than men in most circumstances. ...more

Some years ago, I worked as a marketing director for a large nonprofit organization. The time ...more

Debt v. Equity Financing

When entrepreneurs begin to think about either going into business for themselves or taking their business to the next level, the financial and money concerns become the main challenge to address and/or overcome....more

Poverty, Race, and Early Childhood Education Pt. I: Public Schools

 Let’s ponder what $1.4 billion will do to “drive education reform” and save jobs in Pennsylvania—from the perspective of a povertized, disabled, overeducated, Latina mestiza single mother of four....more

Explaining equity....

After we dropped RJ and Prince J off at school yesterday morning, we had some time to kill before we could drop off Liz. So, we did the only smart thing... we headed to Starbucks. As we were sitting at a light on Dempster, Liz said something like, "Evanston must be the only place with a question bank." As I was thinking about telling her that we were actually in Skokie and question her about "question banks", TW asked what the heck she was talking about. Liz said "A question bank". TW said "What's a question bank?" Liz said "NO not a question bank an equestrian bank." ...more

She's a wee bit taller but otherwise, the same. Still can't find a pair of pants that fit her ...more

Blogging for Equitable Pay: Reducing the Gender Wage Gap

Because it’s technically 18 April here today, I’m showing my solidarity with American women blogging for fair pay a little early. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, my one day of caring should actually be 22 April. Unfortunately for those who know me personally, Because it's technically 18 April here today, I'm showing my solidarity with American women blogging for fair pay a little early. ...more

Sustainable Living - Socially Responsible Investing

Your savings and investments can help create a better world. Put your dollars to work to build healthy communities, promote economic equity, and foster a clean environment. SRI Strategies: read more... ...more