Alice Paul's Equal Rights Amendment Back at the Plow

Yesterday, March 22, was World Water Day. That got a modicum of press. But did you know it was also the 39th anniversary of the date on which Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) passed out of the U. S. Congress and was sent to the states to be ratified? Probably not. And yet, if there is a resource women need as much as clean water, it must be the guarantee of equality under the law. ...more

There are laws already enacted to protect against discrimination. If a new attempt to pass ERA ...more

Commentary: Palin's misquote of Albright...going to Hell!

Belonging to the sisterhood of women around the world is indeed a privilege.  When I was a young woman I would lash out at the lack of support for women. We were denied the amendment to the constitution that would have added with "women" alongside the word "equal.   People that were a lot wiser or more powerful than women like me saw that it was not needed.  In fact there were women like Phyllis Schlafly that thought it was not only unnecessary but that women would be denied privileges, unisex restrooms would appear and she saw it as a threat to ...more