Vegan is the New Viagra

Veggies are hot….limp noodles are not!Turn on the TV set and within minutes you’re bound to see a commercial for any one of the numerous pharmceutical drugs being marketed for erectile dysfunction. The sheer number of those ads is an indication that a LOT of men in this country are having a problem getting it up.The problem is that these medications treat the symptom, not the cause....more

The Accidental Orgasm

Now that everyone knows what a clitoris is, there is equal opportunity for all. Prior to the groundbreaking discovery that clitoral stimulation was THE big factor in orgasm, men could imagine that the erect male member was the whole of the ecstasy package. ...more
Anyone ever heard of using your orgasm for healing bodies and expanding minds? Someone has come ...more


“Viagra Condom” May Be On Its Way

We’ve all been there. You’re making out. Things get hot and heavy. He’s got his hand under your blouse, and you can feel him stiffen under your touch. The inevitable is about to happen. And then you remember the condom in your purse.You pull out the condom and fork it over with a “I’m sorry but these are my rules” gaze. He opens it and starts to put it on, and as he does, Mr. Friendly withers....more

Got Viagra? Up [The Mountain] We Go!

Mountaineer David Hempleman-Adams loves a big challenge.  He has, once before, reached Mt. Everest’s summit via the mountain’s southern face.  Now he is leading an expedition to climb its trickier north face, which will have him starting from the Tibetan side of the world’s tallest mountain.  The expedition’s climbers, if all goes well, will arrive at the summit shortly after May 17th....more

Floppy Penis Got You Frustrated?

Floppy Penis Got You Frustrated? The other day I got an email from a girlfriend who was debating whether or not to stay with her new boyfriend. Apparently Mr. Wonderful was wonderful in everyway except in the sack. There, what should get all large and in charge just curled up and hid like a big peanut left in the bowl to rot.    ...more