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Book Reviews for Spice Box

I recently signed up to be a review blogger as part of the Literati Author Services. I love the idea of this service for indie publishers becuase it gets their stories out into the real world with some real backers. ...more

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Apprivoisé by Arden Aoide/...more

Book Review: Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

Title: Too FastAuthor: Alexia HaynesCopyright date: 2013Genre: Adult Romance / EroticaSold by: Sold by:...more

Help! My Teen is Reading Erotica!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I recently caught my daughter reading erotica. She's 14. Advice? Signed,Not Ready _________________________ Credit: itsmichelle. Dear Not Ready, ...more
I don't think its really a bad thing. She is just exploring... Stuff. (Thank God I have 3 boys ...more

The reviews are in!!!!

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Now available on Smash words! LLiterasromanticabymarguerite@gmail.comwww.romanticabymarguerite.comromantica by marguerite (facebook)@margueritellite (twitter)...more

BUY THE BOOK LINK LLiterasromanticabymarguerite@gmail.comwww.romanticabymarguerite.comromantica by marguerite (facebook)@margueritellite (twitter)...more

Buy the book! LLiterasromanticabymarguerite@gmail.comwww.romanticabymarguerite.comromantica by marguerite (facebook)@margueritellite (twitter)...more

Does Power Make Women Fantasize About Submission?

There is a great need among our species to answer the question of "why," and this need often leads to wild speculation that is very difficult to substantiate. When it comes to BDSM, we cannot ask "why" because the people who practice surrender are not a homogenous group. We're not just women, we're not just straight, we're not just submitting to lovers or even other humans. The answer to the question of "why" is as varied as our numbers are varied. All we can ask is "how." ...more
Mmm very bewildering and something that I might have got into when I was a Catholic with a kind ...more