The Grocery Store Becomes A Vacation After You Have A Baby

Out of habit, I took one last glance in the mirror as I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I was pulling out of the driveway when a familiar feeling washed over me. As I sat idly at a red light, I realized that what I was feeling was adrenaline. Excitement. The feeling I used to get before I left my tiny condo and headed to a bachelorette party, a concert, or a first date many eons ago. But I wasn’t doing any of those things. I was going to the grocery store. Alone. ...more
I can't even begin to imagine having 3 babies at once! Funny post!more

Do You Know What?

Driving around running errands is sooooo not the glamorous life. Nor is it at all entertaining. Sometimes a momma has to do what a momma has to do... "Mommy do you know what?" Francine smiles as she asks from the back seat of the car "No I don't know what!" I tease, "I have never met him. What does he look like? Is he tall?" "MOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!" she sighs sooooo not into it. (Sometimes my humor is lost on my little ones. Sigh.) ...more
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Preschool Pointers - 35: Bring Them

ve some adult things to do, like bring a paper to your college campus before 6 p.m., pick up some food for dinner, or run errands. You have no one to watch the kids.Solution:Just do it. Just bring them. Tell them what you are doing beforehand, and how you need them to behave. At four, they should be able to do you a favor. Like behave. Haha....more

The Time It Takes

 Just a quick simple errand. That’s all I needed to do. Let’s review shall we?Life Before ToddlersWake up. Get out of bed. Brush teeth, tie hair into ponytail. Throw on ratty sweatpants and t-shirt. (Yes, I wore them even before I had kids.) Get in car. Drive mile down road to strip mall. Hop out of car, hand money to cashier and complete transaction. Return home.Total activity time: 30 minutes. Life After Hurricane Muppet...more

Frenzied Friday

Days like today are exactly what Frenzied Friday is all about!  Where to start?  It all started late last night (technically this morning, so I can include it here).  Family is coming to stay over, and the handle broke off the toilet.  Still waiting for the maintenance man to come fix it....more

4 Steps to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Work Day

Many of us check the weather to see the forecast so we know what to wear or if we will need a jacket, umbrella or sunscreen. We ask in advance about the dress code for certain events. We prepare in advance for many things, so why not prepare for tomorrow?  Here are four things you can do to prepare for tomorrow, whether at home or at the office. ...more

Take a Hike

For the first six months we lived here, we were a one-car family, meaning that if I had to go grocery shopping or do errands, we'd all get up early, pile in the car, drop my husband off at work, and go about our business.  Then we'd go pick him up in the evening.  It was inconvenient, so whenever I could, I avoided it.  We did a lot of walking.Thankfully, living in Florida, I was able to take them out far into the "colder" months.  Of course, I soon learned that "passing showers" in this state actually meant torrential downpours in which drops the size of buckets...more

Surprise! What ever happened to the element of?

What ever happened to the element of surprise?  On one occasion I went shopping (some call them errands) for my kiddies. The first stop was to Party City buy an afro so that my 10-year old could dress-up like the semi-pro basketball players with his gaggle of friends. While there, I grabbed some "blinged" out jewels for my 7-year who insists on being a DJ/Rapper for Halloween.  Next stop (errand number two) was Daffy's in hopes of scoring a pair of black boots for the soon-to-be DJ/Rapper....more

A Typical Day

Increasing Efficiency

Ever feel like that hamster in a cage, moving but not going anywhere? Here are a few ways to increase your efficiency and productivity. - First and foremost, know your priorities, passions, and gifts. Use these as filters for incoming opportunities and requests. If you're not sure what is important to you, you may be controlled, by default, by others' agendas. - Create a master weekly schedule that includes your priorities, passions, and gifts. Use this as you plan your schedule each week. If your schedule is erratic, create a master list. ...more