Guest Poet Mondays: Candace J

How do I make Mondays wonderful? By bringing awesome guest poets, of course! Today's guest is a huge talent and (in her words) "We 'stan' united for Badu". That lets you know the breadth of her fabulousness! Today's guest poet is the lovely Candace J, (@InHerNotebook on twitter). Show her some love! ...more

Music, identity and Erykah Badu: Haters, please!

#NowPlaying in my iTunes rotation:  the entire Erykah Badu musical oeuvre, Tyrone and all.  Why?  First of all, her new album dropped today and like the good fan that I am, I pre-ordered that shit last week and downloaded it as soon as it was available.  Second, she's a little strange and unpredictable and undefinable, and I like that in an artist, especially when that artist is black and female and has had a long career being/doing whatever she feels like at the time.  You feeling me? ...more

Lilith Fair Returns! 2010 Lineup & Cities Announced!

In case you haven't heard, or don't know, Sarah McLachlan is restarting Lilith Fair! This all-female tour began in 1997 and went until 1999. It wasn't the first tour of its kind (Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, Riot Grrrl's LadyFest, ect), yet, it was the most visible and monetarily successful all-female tour in history. It reached over 1.5 million fans in and raised over $10 million dollars for various charities. Sarah began the tour out of need for female artists to gain more exposure and just plain old R-E-S-P-E-C-T. At the time, it was radio station policy not to play female artists back-to-back. The assumption was that most radio listeners were male, and wouldn't want to hear those whiney females singing about babies and broken hearts and all that girly stuff. **Rolls eyes** ...more

Erykah Badu's Guide to the Making it in the Music Biz: "Just Be Buck Naked Somewhere With Glitter On You and a Beeper"

Oh, Erykah, if only your advice for girls didn't ring so true. You forgot the bikini waxes, though. ...more