Today's Outrage: A Blonde Named Britt McHenry

Photo Credit: Black Sports OnlineI swear there was a time when everyone was nicer, but it may be just my imagination. I think it is just that now if you are not nice, there's a chance that everyone will find out.  I blame the internet for the lack of civility both online and offline....more

ESPN: The Size of a Dog is NOT Indicative of a Man's Penis Size

During last week's Lakers game the ESPN commentators could not stop   wailing about the tragedy that Kobe Bryant was seen in this photo with a little dog. They ranted, wept and prayed for someone to "say it isn't so" that such a "macho" guy would have a lap dog. They lamented that any dog that could be "cradled" in one's arms was not an acceptable companion for such a man as Kobe.Kobe Bryant image via Instagram...more
All the more reason that I stopped watching ESPN.more

I Call Bullsh*t.

Apologies in advance.  This post will contain foul language, grammatical errors and abuse of parenthetical statements.  I am sorrier for the grammatical errors and abuse of parentheses. (If you have trouble with my using the word bullshit and other profanity, I have the okay from Norman Lear.  Good enough for me.)...more

Reflections on a Year at ESPN

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my start at ESPN. It's been a journey filled with challenges, achievements, excitement and personal fulfillment I didn't know was possible. It's an alignment of passion, skill and relationships that make me proud to work where I do, and I'm happier than I've ever been....more

My Baseball Playing Girl is Chasing Chelsea Baker...

"What the! Ump are you blind? You need to go see an eye doctor!" or  "Really? Really, come on now!" and my favorite "THAT'S RIGHT! BABY GIRL JUST LIKE THAT!"  All words yelled from my mouth this baseball season as I watched my girl pitch in the Little League Majors. She did not get the opportunity to pitch much considering the coach had grandsons on the team. Actually I hated the way she was often treated, but kept it status quo at the request of my daughter and did not go ape poop on people. After all this was her time not mine....more

ESPN Prepares to Launch New Brand Aimed at Women

ESPN has announced plans to launch a new brand aimed at a female demographic -- espnW. Before you get too excited, it looks like it is just going to be a website and a Facebook page. In fact, as far as I can tell so far, it is just a Facebook page, a twitter account and a splash page. It seems as if there is a possibility of it becoming a television network in the future, but it is not currently in the works. ...more

I think it's condescending. Saying that women need a sports channel is like saying we didn't ...more

Why Wear a Poker Face When You Can Be More Effective Marketing as Batman

By Janette Leon-Speyer There were some marketing fireworks over the 4th of July holiday at the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. Batman made his appearance as one of the entrants and turned the normally high roller tournament into a media frenzy. Sure there were the predictable Hollywood and sports celebrities along with the well know poker superstars. People in amusing hats and sponsored shirts with their knuckle-duster rings and assortment of Vegas bling....more

ESPN Broadcaster Craig James Inducted Into Helicopter Parent Hall of Fame

Though ESPN TV announcer Craig James has not made it into the College Football Hall of Fame yet and probably will never be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he can at least say he made it into another Hall—the Helicopter Parent Hall of Fame.  The blog hosts the only Hall of Fame of that kind—and James is the first high-profile name to join its illustrious ranks. ...more

Were School Officials Right to Stop Pregnant Volleyball Player From Playing?

When Arlington Heights senior center Mackenzie McCollum, 17, discovered she was pregnant, she hoped volleyball would be her one mainstay. ...more

Sports Media Has A Rough Week With Twitter

Just about this same time last year my husband and my non-blogging friends were making fun of me for being on twitter. This year they all have twitter accounts, or @s if you will. It isn't just them either, everyone is on twitter; politicians, news networks, actors, and athletes have all joined the social media party. ...more