How LGBT Couples Protect Their Assets - Even When They're Not Married

LGBT couples rejoiced on June 26, 2015 when the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the nation. The ruling has allowed LGBT couples the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to protecting their assets....more

When the Time Comes...

A blogging friend of mine,Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles ,is in the process of making her “final” plans.I have thought about this myself.I don’t think it is morbid.I think it is a good thing to do to make it easieron the people who care for you when the time comes to say the last good-bye.(read more) ...more

Real Men Face Their Mortality

The following is an excerpt from the special chapter for husbands in my book "Don't Worry about a Thing, Dear"- Why Women Need Financial Intimacy. If your husband reads nothing else in the book, he needs to read the following:...more

Estate Planning: Download a Free Financial & Legal Records Book

Lists Upon Lists We prepare to-do lists, lists of goals, grocery lists, lists for our spouses and children; we make notes...more

Guest Post: Your Financial Big Picture: Why Estate Planning is an Investment in Your Family's Future

Background Information I recently noticed this post shared by Danielle G. Van Ess on her Facebook page....more

Searches, Queries and Key Words: Most Read Post Based on Traffic from Search Engines

Top Post This last week of 2010 I'm highlighting the top read posts based on searches....more

Jet Lag Excuses: 7 Links Challenge

There's No Place Like Home This week I am breaking all my rules. Since the hotel I was staying in for a blogging conference was having technical difficulties and their Internet connection was not working (ironic, right), I was not able to post Monday. I am fresh in from New York. It's been a long (& fun) 5 days, and so I am opting for a Challenge I spotted on a really great blogging site for today's post....more

Urn, Casket or Cryonics? The Joys of Estate Planning ... When You're Pregnant

I wish I had put at least an ounce of forethought into what we were actually doing when we'd called an estate attorney and set up an appointment to create a will and trust. Instead, I put the meeting into my Outlook and mentally checked off one more thing I'd promised to do before the birth of my first child. ...more


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