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Endometriosis Explained

As if we didn’t have enough potential health problems to worry about, women of child-bearing age are becoming more and more susceptible to a painful and distressing gynaecological condition called Endometriosis.  It is becoming more common these days, effecting up to 10% of women.  ...more

The Weekend I Overdosed on Estrogen

You'll have to excuse me today, I'm coming down from a pretty wicked high.  I spent the weekend living like an estrogen junkie, hopping from one session to another, parties to conversations, and back again.  It was like shooting feminism into my veins.And then I came home.  A cab, a train, and my own car took me on a 16-hour trip from my dealer's corner (the Hilton NYC, corner of 6th Ave. and 53rd St.) back to my little corner of the universe in Kentucky, one that is free of all estrogen but my own.It feels a bit weird, honestly....more

Endocrine Disruptors - From Evidence to Action

 We hear a lot (though far from enough) about “endocrine disruptors” and their impact on our health, but how many of us really understand what they are and what their relationship is to our health?  Given that we’re eating, breathing, and hosting them in our bottles, cups, cars, homes, foods, and worst of all, our bodies, you might like to know what they are.  If you’re at risk for, battling, or determined to avoid cancer, you need to know.  But wait.  Consider the following quote: “For too long, emphasis on what is called secondary prevention (detecting cancer early enough to treat it), has obscured the fact that detection of an existing tumor is not prevention.  True prevention means identifying and eliminating the preventable causes of the disease before it can occur.” - (Breast Cancer Fund’s 2010 ‘State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment) If this quote strikes a chord of truth with you, then this 2-part blog is for you....more

Tips for an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

(Following is a guest blog written by Elyn Jacobs, breast cancer survivor and cancer coach. You can read more from Elyn on her blog, “It is the Weak Tree That Comes Down in a Hurricane“.)...more

What's so great about girlfriends? Hormones!

In a crisis, nothing's better than a girlfriend.  I'm lifting this quote from Marin Magazine, because it makes the point perfectly.. ...more

Another thing girlfriends do well (most of mine at least) is stick together.more

Fluff the Kitty With Estrogen

Estrogen….the essence of a woman.  It is the hormone responsible for many things that make a woman a woman such as breast development. Men also produce estrogen, but in very small amounts.  (To see what can happen to a man that takes extra estrogen shots, rent the move “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.)...more

The Sea of Estrogen

We are a house of women.  Well, Colby is a guy…but he is the only one.  I often make fun of Colby for being the only man in a house of women.  I kid him about living in a sea of estrogen and how he feasibly could have a wife in menopause while having daughters going through puberty.  In a word…he is screwed....Continue...more

Is Estrogen Out of the Doghouse?

A first-born graduating from sixth grade –- that’s a legitimate reason to get a little weepy. And when you tell a friend you’ve been crying about it and she starts quoting the Beatles “love goes on within you and without you” and you cry some more –- that’s no surprise, either. But tie all that crying to more crying –- in the office, out in the field -- in the shower even, and something is up. That something was, for me -- you guessed it -- perimenopause: hormones on a major rant. ...more
Only 11% of American women take hormones for menopause.  In contrast, 75% of docs or their ...more