Should Your Kids Stop Writing Thank You Notes?

I  am a huge fan of thank you notes.  I was raised to believe that when someone took the time and money to send you a gift, it was the very least you could do to thank them for it. ...more


Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a group of people - lets say 8 people and wonder if you are going to split the check 8 ways or pay for whatever you ordered? We all have been there. ...more
Since I have a BIG family and many friends the appropriate thing to do is pay your own bill, ...more

DIY BBQ? Who Travels with a Grill?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Recently I've noticed a disturbing trend with my friends and acquaintances. They invite me to a party at their home, but ask me to bring my own drinks, chairs, cups, snacks and meat....more
I basically agree with you. However, I'm sure that you've noticed a trend where everyone has ...more

Should Kids Use Formal or First Names With Adults?

Dear Debra,...more

That's What Women Are For - To Civilize Men

Corn is flying everywhere as my husband shoves a cob all the way into his you know you are literally eating that like a pig? I do not mean the old cliché, you are eating like a pig. I mean literally - like a hog - on a farm.My husband thinks this is hysterical and starts laughing causing the trajectory of the corn to actually reach my son and me....more

The Best Etiquette Tips for 3 Types of Business Meetings

As a CEO, I don’t run all of my meetings exactly the same and neither would I recommend doing that in the workplace. Some meetings I take the lead on. Others I don’t and one of the department managers takes the reins instead. And many meetings are a mix of shared leading effort alongside other partners. Regardless of who leads a meeting or how informal the setting is, it’s always a good idea to keep a few etiquette tips in mind when it comes to meetings of any kind, especially in the following three formats....more

Email Etiquette: Still Puzzling After All These Years

Though email has been around for a while, I still get numerous questions from business people and reporters about how to use it appropriately in the business world. Here are some of the more recent questions: 1. I see both e-mail and email. What is the correct spelling? ...more

Cell Phone Diarrhea

WHEN it's ACCEPTABLE to gab away on your cell phone in public.Pretty much never.Okaaaay, maybe emergencies like...*"Mom, you forgot me at soccer field again and I'm surrounded by rabid cheetahs."...more

The "It's All About Me" Generation

I can't take credit for that friend Mel used that when I was venting the other night.  Tuesday night was on my way to teach a class for graduate students about suturing.  The class was held in the evening, but its a university so there are undergrads milling all around of course.  I went to school at this university, so I'm familiar with it....more

How to Be Professional

What does it mean to be professional? That term is open to interpretation. When you're first out of school, however, you're not quite sure what to do. Here's a great list of 40 harsh realities and best practices to help you be more professional (or at least fake it) from Kim Z Dale on Listing Toward Forty. ...more
@30ishMom I wish everyone would post this in their offices.more