How to Be Professional

What does it mean to be professional? That term is open to interpretation. When you're first out of school, however, you're not quite sure what to do. Here's a great list of 40 harsh realities and best practices to help you be more professional (or at least fake it) from Kim Z Dale on Listing Toward Forty. ...more
@30ishMom I wish everyone would post this in their offices.more

Healthy Tips To Survive The Holidays and Seasonal Travel

We have made it to the most wonderful time of the year! Or so they say. This time of year, for many, is that mad scramble to shop, fly or drive and be merry. We all spread ourselves a little too thin, grind our teeth in order to not make waves during a family gathering and do our best to dodge illness despite germy flights and malls. Well, below I've concoted my list of tips on how to keep up your immune system, lower your stress level and actually have a merry little holiday season. Easy healthy travel tips along with ways to keep the peace during this festive season!...more
@Bridget Magnus Ugh -- I've had a similar situation with a gate change at O'Hare that was simply ...more

Do Your Kids Know The Importance Of Manners?

This past weekend, both my step-son and step-daughter had friends stay over at our house for the night. I’ve always loved being the “kool-aid” house, where it’s always full of kids. I love hearing the giggles from the girls as they build tents on the catwalk overlooking our living room. And I love hearing the boys yelling at their video games as they try to keep from being eaten by zombies. A full house is perfect.But one of the things that I’m always amazed by is the difference in manners between our two guests....more

The Etiquette of Artichokes

Roasted Artichokes with Lemon Aioli...more

A Little Civility Thank You

As we live, eat, work, grow and socialize together 24 hours a day, it does make sense we continue to reinforce the basic rules for how to treat one another respectfully....more

It Really Is Bad Form To Floss Your Teeth In Public People!

I was still working on finishing my delicious, romantic dinner with my Lancelot Knight, when I chanced to look over his shoulder at the woman sitting at the next table (obviously with her husband and another couple), I then saw that she was flossing her teeth. Are you kidding me? And then I saw it, something went flying from her mouth and onto the table. Oh-no-you-didn’t! Ugh!! Gasp!!! In an instant I felt myself go green, and the food in my stomach lurched. Please stay down!...more
 @annie.lindley LOL! I love that you gave a number for a trusted hygienist. Thank you!! And I ...more

Manners & Misfits: Reasons to care about wedding etiquette

For a while now, a dominant trend in weddings has been personalization and originality. Wedding vendors have responded with goods and services custom-tailored to suit your retro, rustic, gamer, steampunk, or rockabilly wedding. Even so, the wedding section at your local bookstore is likely filled with books on traditional etiquette. That might seem constraining to conformity-averse couples (I'm half of one myself) who are comfortable bending rules....more

Where are our manners ...

Ever since email, internet and cell phone have been unveiling, we found ourselves doing more and more things at once....more
I must admit for the past one month, I wasn't at my best manner. I have been on my computer ...more

Dating Etiquette: Going to the Theatre

Whether you're going to the movies, the opera, or a school play, there are a few situations that can cause people to (literally!) stumble. Here's how to know when to remain seated, when stand to let others into your row, and whether men or women should sit closest to the aisle:How To Let Others By in Your RowChances are that after you're seated, others will arrive that need to get past you in your row. At any theatre performance you'll see some people stand and others remain seated to let other patrons pass by. So which is correct?...more

Social Media Common Sense for Bloggers

As many know, I made a personal commitment to dig back into my personal blog in 2012 and I’m proud to say that, in my opinion, I’ve done a great job....more
@Jenn_Parker LOL!! You're at least making the effort which is more than I can say for some ;)more