Ettiquette 101

I have a question for you.  Do you write thank you notes?  Do you send out graduation invites, wedding announcements, birth announcements, birthday cards, etc?  Do you expect them?  I've written about writing letters before as I love to write and continue to write to friends and my pen pal for nearly 40 years.  Somewhere in my upbringing I learned from my grandmother the importance and proper way of these things.  Granny taught me how to set a proper table and how to iron your pillow cases and sheets.  I was taught manners; no elbows on the table, napkin i...more

Hail to the Handwritten Note

By some standards, handwriting is already considered an “ancient” skill. Next thing we’ll know, it will be an extinct art form practiced by only a few artisans....more

6 Tips for Friendlier Skies

By Kristin Fast, Lifestyle Editor and In-House Wit-Cracker There was a time when traveling on an airplane was the height of sophistication… ...more

Miss Manners, Part II

Did you come back for more ranting? I’m so glad. Let’s get started....more

Miss Manners, Part I

I’m no Countess, so I won’t dare to write a blog post in which I claim to know everything there is about class or manners.I come from people who wear fake mustaches to Christmas Eve dinner, so I really don’t have much basis for telling you anything. Except that fake mustaches make your upper lip sweat....more

Blog Etiquette

Is it bad blog etiquette to change the theme of a blog once is it already established?  I have decided that I don't really care for the theme I have chosen and will be changing it. I only have three people following the blog so it shouldn't be that big of a deal; however, I was just curious as to what people think about this subject. ...more

Just my opinion, but the great things about blogs is you can change them easily, and if you are ...more

Chivalry Man

Chivalry Man In this day and age when women are working in roles that were once exclusive to men, men are just a little confused when it comes to such things as opening doors, standing when she enters a room or excuses herself from the table.  Countless times I've had men express this confusion by saying something like, When I reached for the door she gave me a look that I took to mean, 'I'm not helpless.  I'm a lawyer for God's sake.  I think I can open a door all by myself.' Read more ...more

Holiday Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts Around Your Holiday Table

The holidays are meant to be a time filled with love, peace an understanding. But we all know that we still live in the real world and getting folks together can be challenging. There are bound to be differences in personalities, beliefs and lifestyles (especially with the stress of travel adding to things). While some holiday gatherings just involve a few hours over dinner, others last a few days.  This can induce a whole host of fears and stress for many, so much so that feathers get ruffled and the holiday can be ruined....more

Is Etiquette The More Appropriate Word?

Is Etiquette The More Appropriate Word? I've received a few comments from both sexes regarding the word 'rule' -  an authoritative principle set forth to guide behavior or action.  ...more

Dating Etiquette for Women

I don't think of etiquette as stifling -- I think it's the hallmark of civilized living. Boil down all the rules you can think of and you will find one simple truth that unites them: etiquette is about being considerate of other people. That's what it comes down to -– and it goes for women as much as it does for men. ...more
Ladies and to everyone else who’s experiencing frustration in the dating world and with dating ...more